Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall 2016 ... already??

I just cannot believe that summer has come and gone already.  Even though it's still pretty warm here, I can definitely sense that fall is in the air.

This is a hodgepodge of old fall things with a new pumpkin  that I bought this year.  The stand is a ceramic piece I found at a local Goodwill recently.  The lady who made it, has her name etched in the bottom of the stand.  Yes, I'll take this!  I love that her name is on the bottom, I think it is Louise.   The little pillow and candles came from a blogging friend from a few years back, but I can't remember who.  Thank you again, if you recognize your things... I still love them!

Here's a little piece of thrift store 'art' that makes me smile.   Something I created on my own.....

Fancy, huh?  I have always liked seeing angel wings in the décor of others.  I had this set of wings that I bought from JoAnn's a couple years ago.  They were bright and shiny and I never really did anything  with them.  (I think it was a Christmas item bought at the end of the season)   I found the frame at Goodwill, with the tan and black background paper was already inside.  I used paint to darken the dots along the frame edge and used the same black craft paint to 'glaze' those shiny wings.   One, two, three...  and I sat them on the iron candle holders that were also found at Goodwill.    (nothing is attached, so I can always disassemble and change it

Doesn't take much to make me happy..........

Which is a very good thing!  Because I ALMOST went back to work a couple weeks ago.  I had been hired to work as a private duty RN for a child who lives in our town and I was planning to work a couple days a week. 

But then......

I came to my senses!!!  I do not want to go back to work!!!

I have always dreamed of retiring and being able to sew, sew, sew....... so I figured I had better get to sewing. 

The days I dreamed about for so long are actually here!!  I could get so much more done if I didn't think I had to read the whole internet every single day!!!  Does anyone else have that problem?

So, there.....

Life is good!


  1. Isn't it fun to find treasures in the thrift stores. When I did ceramics, you always put your name on the bottom of the piece as several pieces would be fired at the same time. That way, the shop knew which piece belonged to whom.


  2. Hi PEN PEN.
    A new post, how exciting. Pen we had this talk a while back, no more moving around and its time to retire because you don't want to work anymore. Now down the road if you get a bee in your bonnet to work, well then you can. See? all fixed. Now you can play house and sew all day long. Wish I could sew, not so good at it. straight stitch is about all I can do. I made an apron once but we won't talk about that.
    You found some cute things on you hunt, do you have a thrift store near you? What is that you are making? A new quilt?
    Nancy Jo

  3. hahahaha I hear you about the internet, start sewing!

  4. Glad you came to your senses! LOL Do not go back.

    I love all your fall things and you did a great job with the angel wings project. Love it. Also love the quilt block.

    Enjoy your retirement!!! I can't wait, but it will be a few more years, I'm afraid.

    Once I get my whole house and yard under control, I plan to start sewing much more! Its Fall, and that's the best time to make quilts.

    Yes, I spend too much time on the internet. One way I've found to justify it is to listen to you tube videos while cleaning, or getting ready for work. Some times its a cleaning video to help me stay motivated. This week I listed to a couple of Joyce Meyer ones.
    I also keep up with Butter Bob's, "Butter makes your pants fall off" channel. hahahaha

  5. How fun to play with little treasures and make something pretty. I'm definitely ready for fall. This summer has been a hot one. STAY RETIRED!!! And yes, I know what you mean about too much time on the internet....... I could get a lot more sewing done if my computer broke down.

  6. I really love the wings in the frame! Hooray on getting started on your sewing. Back about 7 years ago I wasn't feeling well, I started blogging which was amazing, it changed my world because of the friendships I made. However I find that I have wasted way too much time here each day. I never get other things done and I must put a stop to that at some point. Yes I do understand about wanting to read the whole internet!!!

  7. Hi Penpal, The name of your blog peaked my curiosity! Do you like to penpal? I have three snail mail penpals. Would you be interested? Nancy

  8. oops sorry! I read it as Penpal when it is PenPen! LOL Nancy

  9. Fall is a beautiful time of year - it seems to pop up quickly! Love the angel wings!

  10. I love your little touches of fall and those angel wings are perfect in that frame! It is still hot here, too, but I'm sure that fall must be on its way. I guess I am past the temptation to go back to work, LOL! I kept planning on it for a few years, but like you, came to my senses, haha! Happy fall!

  11. I wanted to thank you for praying for my granddaughter and all your sweet comments. Love those Angel wings. Love all your pictures. Your comments and prayers mean the world to me.


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