Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decking the halls

Christmas is almost here again; can you believe it?  When I was growing up, I always looked forward to Christmas, loved buying presents, loved wrapping presents, couldn't wait to put up the tree and decorate, ... I just loved it all.

2012 tree...yes, it's leaning!
Now that I'm older, and I have more time to do all these things, I don't seem to enjoy it as much as I used to.  Maybe it's because I know I will have to pack everything back up in just a few short weeks.

Nativity...has a few new animals this year (quilt box made by Charles)
Maybe it's because I'm wiser and I have realized that Christmas is way more than a season of decorating and buying frenzy...stressing ourselves to the max to please others, to try to fulfill unrealistic expectations.

new angel piece....goodwill... love her! (need candles)
I enjoy looking at all the pretty decorations and would be sad if everyone stopped decorating.  But when I go out shopping, so many of  the decorations I see are cheap and tacky, and  it throws my brain into overload.  I just want to go back home.

New Magic Attic doll....goodwill.... $3...she has a $12 Christmas dress on the way from ebay
Yes, there is Santa Claus and now Elf on a Shelf....but where is Jesus?  Do children even know that Christmas belongs to Jesus?  Or is it all about 'us'? 

goodwill... I keep this out year round

 There is no place like home for the holidays....Tis true...but where is home?  I grew up in a small town in eastern NC...I've always called it home.  However, I've been gone from that town for over half my life.  Is it still home?  We still drive there for the holidays.  It's very exhausting, but we don't want to 'miss anything'.  I miss the childhood memories of plays and Christmas caroling... I guess Christmas is for kids. :)  When I was in the midst of making  childhood Christmas memories, my parents were the ones who were stressed and trying to please.  ha ha   Dear Lord, help us to remember that Christmas is about YOU, your gift to us, your son, Jesus....our gift of salvation.  Merry Christmas!


  1. Your decorations are pretty Penny and the post is well said and so true.

  2. good post...thanks for helping us remember WHO it is about!!
    Love that pretty little table that holds your nativity.

  3. Your decorations look lovely. It is a lot of work but always worth the effort.

  4. Your home is beautifully decorated! I love your nativity and the lovely twist-legged table it sits on.


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