Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

I promised June would be a better blogging month, but so far, I haven't done too well. Sorry. I'm still going back and forth with my hubby to his work place and I don't get as much computer time at his place. :( Actually.... no frown! I've been able to "pull" myself away from the computer a little more and I am finding that I can actually get things done! :) I sewed some pillow covers for my outdoor patio set. We bought the set from Wal Mart and I just hated the pillows that came with the set. I now have some bright green, summer appropriate pillows on the orange chairs... made from thrift store curtains. (and was able to save enough of the curtain to make CUTE valances for my "one day" coastal home... LOL)

I've gone "hi tech" recently... I purchased an Ipod Touch for myself, having really no idea what this thing can really do. I am now learning to use it and I love it!!! What a cool toy! I love the fact that I can keep my music with me wherever I go. The young girls at work are helping me to learn my new gadget and I ordered the adapter to use with my car radio yesterday. It's so much fun to be hip and cool. LOL

Yesterday was hubby and mine's 27th wedding anniversary! Where has the time gone? 27 years of total dysfuntion.... ha ha! But still... 27 years. :o) We were both off work yesterday and spent the day together. We shopped at the new Tanger Outlets and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom... yummo... one of my new favorite places to eat. We stopped by our sweet Avery's house (and his mom and dad's) to see his new swimming pool and his new swing set that his Daddy has built for him. (sorry, mom, I forgot to get pic's for you) When we got there, he was swinging in his new swing and was such a "big boy". Grandma had some fun play time and then he wanted to go home with me..... WHAT A FEELING! Now I know how my mom used to feel when my kids didn't want to leave her house to come home with me... ha ha!!

The pic's above are of our little guy when he was at our house a couple weeks ago. He is 16 months old now and is turning into such a big boy. I'm amazed each time I see him... all the new words and how smart is has become! He has finally said "grandma" a few times and I think that's the sweetest word ever. :) With kids, you never have to wonder... you just KNOW that they love you! And Avery loves me. He's truly one of the best things that has happened in our 27 years of marriage. And I'm looking forward to the next one... and the next one... and the next one....

You will never know how much joy you bring..... I love you, Sweet Avery!


  1. Pen Pen,
    As a matter of fact I love sliced bananas with peanut Butter.
    You are really getting up dated with all the new hi teck stuff. I still have trouble with the remote for the TV.
    Avery is sooo cute. Makes me miss having the little ones. Had four of them at once and now the youngerst ones are 10, yippes, I need a puppy or something.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Avery is such a beautiful baby! I know you must LOVE spending time with him!

    I have no idea how to work an ipod, LOL! I'm lucky to be able to work a PC--and not very well, at that!

    Hey, I'm a peanut butter and banana fan, too!!

  3. Yep, Grandma is in love!!

    He is so cute and sweet and I can tell he's as smart as you say too.

    Not sure how to run an Ipod, but you will enjoy yours!

    Happy Anniversary Penny.

  4. You are so right that Avery will never know how much love and joy he has brought to our world. I wait for every picture update and every video of him. You and Billy have been blessed !!!!

  5. Oh my gosh! Just stop it! That beautiful baby cannot be 16 months old..it's going too fast! He's simply adorable..and Butterbean? they make a great pair, doncha think??

  6. Two things that I thought I could live without until my hubby bought them for me: my ipod & my kindle! ;)

    Happy Anniversary!


  7. My favorite part was: and the next one, and the next one, and the next one... ;-)

  8. Penny, enjoyed this post! Happy Anniversary to you and Billy! I know you are enjoying being a Grandma! I can't wait until it is my turn, but for now I am Gammy to a 13 lb. dachshund named Zoey who I spoil just as much! LOL Love ya!

  9. He is adorable. Yes, it is amazing what we can do when we turn this thing off!!!


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