Monday, August 6, 2007

S u N f L o W e R s

Look what had bloomed while we were away on vacation. I could tell they were about to open before we left for the week. I was so afraid they would open and lose their beauty before we got back home. My husband remembered and mentioned them to me on the way back home and this was the first thing I looked for when we returned. These are the only two that grew out of the whole pack of seeds. I have told this before already, but I'll tell it again: I planted the pack of seeds in different areas of my yard. After a few days I went out to see if they had sprouted. To my shock and disappointment, I found a nice pile of sunflower shells piled neatly near the fence! I still don't know what ate them, but we do have a lot of ground moles in that area. These two flowers grew from the only two seeds they didn't find... I just love sunflowers! (Does anyone know how long sunflower seeds are good for? I ran across some in a ziploc bag the other day that one of my little mountain ladies gave me when I was working in home health a few years ago. I would love to try them next year.)


  1. Hi Pen Pen,
    How was your trip? All rested up or done in? I always love being near the water.
    Come on over to my porch anytime, I would love to see you.
    Great sun flowers! The squirrels eat mine before they have a chance to become much of anything.

  2. Just a suggestion... why not start the seeds in litle pots or in a tray and then transplant them when they are about 2 inches high? That is what I had to do, and it worked real well. I didn't do it this year as I was too busy planting other things, but a few came up anyway.

  3. I love sunflowers. In fact I think they are my favorite. I might plant some now for Fall blooms. Your seeds might still be good. I read that if you put seeds in an air tight container in the refrigerator they will last for years. I did this last year and some squash seed did really well.

  4. Your sunflowers are pretty. Sorry something got your other seeds.


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