Thursday, September 27, 2018

I did this new thing!

I've been wanting to learn how to crochet, so decided to plunge in and try to teach myself.

I found this really great video on you tube;  CLICK HERE by Bonnie Barker.

It was very easy to follow and I ended up with two new dishcloths. 

Are they perfect?  NO  Did I have to pull the yarn out and restart several times?  YES  Was it fun?  YES   Are they usable?  YES  Will I make more?  YES 

I'm going to try a different cotton yarn next time, as this one feels pretty stiff.  I've done my research and I want to try one that is 85% cotton, 15% polyester.   Does anyone have a favorite yarn for making dishcloths?

I finished the baby quilt binding on Sunday.  Here are pictures, mainly for my own documentation. 

It has been laundered and survived the dryer.  Does anyone else hold their breath each and every time they wash and dry a quilt for the first time?  :-))

I truly enjoyed every single stitch while making this quilt.

This quilt will be gifted next week when I take Sweet Pea back for her follow up appointment.  Thank you for the kind words about her and I am happy to report she is back to her normal self.  I am praying her liver tests will be normal next week.


Evelyn Edgett said...

I have been wanting to try making these for years, but I only know one crochet stitch. I make rugs from strips of old cloth like sheets--I just go one way with stitches until the rug is as wide as I want, then I flip it over and go the other way, repeat, until it's as long as I want. I'll check out the video and maybe give it a try. Yours look great.

Wendi said...

That is on my list of things to learn. Good for you stepping out there and taking on the challenge! Your dish clothes look good and will only get better with more practice.

lil red hen said...

Good for you! I find crocheting to be a very relaxing craft. I'm waiting for winter to start another crochet project.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Very good job you! I like cotton yarn from Herrschners myself. The quilt is awesome!

Allie said...

First, I'm so glad to hear Sweet Pea is back to her normal self, hoping her liver is ok! I adore that quilt. And I love to crochet, although it hurts my wrists something awful - I do love to make dishcloths, and make them for my best friend. I use an all cotton yarn- the name of it escapes me. It's really gone up in price, unfortunately.

Lori said...

I've only use Sugar and Cream cotton yarn for dishcloths because it is sturdy and will last forever. I still use dishcloths I made when I first started learning to knit back in 2005. I did try Peaches and Creme years ago and found it to be too stiff to work with, but I think it is no longer made.

Congratulations on learning to crochet! I've been wanting to learn and hopefully will now that I have my knitted Christmas gifts made for my students.

Janet O. said...

Good news about Sweet Pea!
I haven't crocheted in so many years. I took my Mom to the store to buy some yarn and a pattern, and there were so many kinds of yarn I had never seen before. I was completely out of my element. I am no help to you, but I am impressed with your self-taught efforts.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm glad the quilt survived the dryer. It is so darn cute. I use to knit years ago but never really got into crocheting. Good luck!

co coya said...
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Debbie J said...

You did so good with the crocheting!!!!! I did some crocheting when the power was off during Florence, as well. I made Ms. V. a hat with a flower on it.

You did a great job on the quilt! Love it!!!!