Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Goodbye Summer and Vitamin D

Chandler Tate
It's August already and what a fast summer this  has been.

 As an empty nester and a retiree, my favorite time to visit the beach is after school starts back,  I like empty beaches so beach season will just be beginning for me.  I have to start working on my tan.   Not really, but I do think it's important to store up Vit D for the winter.  More and more people are becoming Vit D deficient, and I really think it's because they aren't spending enough time in the sunlight.  Doctors don't seem to mention that to their patients... they just prescribe a pill.  And yes, Vit D can be stored in our bodies for extended periods.  I think it's important to help  prevent depression that frequently comes with winter days to come.

Brinley Kate

Will's kids came for their last visit before school starts back.  They were able to get plenty of Vit D while they were here.


That's about all I've got.  I'm looking forward to the fall weather and finally getting some things done.  

One last thing:  this is why we didn't have tomatoes this year.

Can you see the tomato thief?


Debbie J said...

I agree with you about vitamin D. I haven't been taking my calcium and vitamin D like I've been advised, but if I am outside in the sun working in the yard and eating Yogurt and cottage cheese regularly, I figure that ought to be better. We'll see when I get my next blood work done in a couple of months!

I also agree with you that beach time is after labor Day. You are close to the beach now and will enjoy it I'm sure.

Your grandkids are so sweet, handsome and pretty!

That squirrel is not a friend! I know someone who sets traps and catches them, then sets them free in the town I work in. I'm not too sure that the town residents would appreciate that if they knew! LOL The squirrels have to adjust from being country squirrels to being city squirrels.

Billie Jo said...

We go to the beach in September...
Less people, less crowds, less everything!
Sweet pictures pf your grandchildren!
Have a cozy day...
I am adding you to my daily reads!

simpleinbigcity.blogspot.ca said...

I look forward to Fall too, I love empty parks and the beach and when kids go to school I have quiet time to do what needs to be done.

sunny said...

Definitely go to the beach after school starts! We do most of our vacationing in September. It's not so stinking hot, and there are fewer people around. I want one of those snowballs that the grandies are enjoying!!

Debbie said...

We, like you, try to visit the beach (in our case it is at the lake where my parents live) when school is back in session because it is so much calmer then. We usually head over in early September but this year will be going at the end of September when my son Josh is home on leave from the Air Force.

Janet O. said...

Some of our best family vacations were when our kids were in year-round school and had their break in the Fall. Yellowstone and the Tetons were delightful that time of year!
Looks like the "grands" had a grand time with grandma! :)
We finally quilt growing corn because we got tired of tending it carefully only to have the skunks and raccoons steal it once it was ripe!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I homeschooled my boys, so our beach season started earlier and lasted longer than most, lol!!! It was lovely going without crowds. Your grands are just darling. I agree totally about the vitamin D - I take it all year long, whether I get out in the sun or not. I think sunscreen keeps a lot of it out of the system too.
My friend mentioned that the squirrels stopped stealing her tomatoes when she started leaving bowls of water outside for them....they were after the juice.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sweet pictures of the kids. Yes vitamin D is very important. I remember Dr. Oz back several years ago had said that everyone should get 15 minutes a day in the sun and you can have your back to it. Good luck getting yours!!!

Mary L. Briggs said...

Yep, those little squirrels are thieves! A friend was complaining last year that one had stolen all the eggs out of the dove's nests in her trees! I guess squirrels have to eat too. I'm also looking forward to fall. I love the colors and I love fall decorating. Your grandkids are so cute and boy, are they growing! I haven't been to the beach in years. Have a good time when you go!

Deanna said...

Your tomato thief is very hairy. ha. You caught him. We have a bunny that is a frequent visitor to our back yard. The squirrels haven't been here so much. There is an area in the yard that I think we could grow tomatoes in. Better luck next year at a garden for us. Sweet Grands you have. Summer is passing us right on by. August is a third of the way over. I cannot believe it. All the best to you,

Karen said...

For a number of years, we visited Myrtle Beach after school started and most people's summer vacations were over. Joined our friends there even though neither my husband nor myself are beach people. A great time to vacation.

Becky Gepford said...

The squirrels are pretty bad at my new house, too. We have a peach tree in the yard that was loaded. I thought I would need to thin. But, one day I caught the squirrels carrying the green ones away. Now, they are stealing and eating the ones that are getting ripe. They leave parts of the peaches on the ground, not that I want to share with them!!! Good thing my sister has a peach farm so I can get some from her:)

I, too, am getting ready for fall to arrive. We've had such a wild summer, I'm looking forward to some routine.