Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Busy July

It's been a busy month and boy has it flown by!  I had a birthday on Sunday... those things are really flying by at record speed, too.  :)))

My daughter and her daughter came for a week long visit.  Having a two year old in the house definitely keeps us on our toes, but she is such a joy.  This is one happy child and makes this Grandma smile a lot. They went home early this morning and my house feels unusually quiet today.

Here's the little cutie pie in the swimming pool.  She has a great sense of humor and loves to joke and be silly, just like her mommy.

This handsome little guy had a birthday last week too.  Chandler is now 5 years old and will start kindergarten next month.  He's a sweetheart and he facetimes with Grandma on his ipod often.   I love getting his phone calls and he shows me what he is playing with , what he is wearing, makes cute faces,  etc.  I just love this little guy!

Before our company arrived, I pulled out a very old quilt top that I made when my kids were little ones.  I secured the appliqued apples with my machine and plan to make a quick quilt that the grandkids can use while watching tv here.  Everyone loves to have their own blanket when they visit.

My goal is to finish up some very old projects without devoting too much time to any of them.  I need to organize my sewing room and then I hope to start up some new projects soon.

But I received a sweet phone call from those grandsons this morning, wanting to know if they can come back to Grandma's house before they go back to school.  Of course, my answer was yes, so the sewing may have to wait a few more weeks.


simpleinbigcity.blogspot.ca said...

Happy Birthday to you and your Grandson. Grandma blankets are the best, good luck with your projects.

Karen said...

Enjoy those kids while you can. They will be up and grown in a blink of an eye. That ice-cream cone in the one photo looks gigantic and delicious.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Happy Birthday to you and your grandson. How nice to have your daughter and granddaughter, who is so cute, come for a visit. What a sweet phone call, enjoy your visit with them.

sunny said...

Happy Birthday to one and all! I think your sewing plan sounds good. And if you have to postpone it a bit to spend time with the grandies, then all is well.

Deanna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! From one July baby to another.
All the best to you,

Mary L. Briggs said...

Oh my~your grandchildren are growing! And all adorable. I know you must enjoy them so much. I'm glad you are getting some projects done for the summer. I still have a lot to go. I need to sort through so many things in my house--I'm not sure summer will be long enough, LOL!

Allie-oops Designs said...

I keep telling my boys I am SO READY for grandchildren, lol - but they won't cooperate! Happy Birthday to you and Chandler, your grandchildren are so beautiful!

Debbie J said...

Happy Birthday Penny! I forgot that your birthday is in July. Your granddaughter and grandson are so cute, as are the other 2! They are growing up so fast. Sounds like they all have the sweetest personalities. They will enjoy watching tv with the quilt!

Debbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you and your grandson! YOur family is just beautiful. :)