Monday, May 23, 2016

Still home and loving it!

I have been unemployed (by choice) since early March.  Can I tell you that I love, love, love being home??  I've been extremely busy unpacking and setting up our new home, but thankfully, all that seems to be slowing down.

Today on my dining room table is a long over due quilt top for baby Raegan.  Raegan is my nephew's daughter and she will be celebrating her FIRST birthday next month.   Better late, than never.  Right?

Can you see the pretty sunflower quilt on the wall?  Click on the picture to enlarge.  This little quilt was gifted to me by Sunny at Quilting Dreams.  I just love it!
Just perfect in my dining room

I've been trying to stock my pantry.  I decided to check the expiration dates on my canned goods and found two cans of tomato soup that were out of date.  I could throw them out ...... or be brave and eat them.  I ate one can today (exp in 2014) and it was great!  If I go missing , you'll know the soup killed me. 
My latest thrift store craze:  looking for thin spatulas that will flip an egg without bursting the yolk.  Does anyone know what I mean?  The newer spatulas seem to have a thick edge on them, making it difficult to turn the egg.  Since we moved back home, my daddy has kept us supplied with wonderful farm fresh eggs!  These aren't pretty, but  they work so good!! 



Debby@Just Breathe said...

The quilt is gorgeous! Glad your enjoying being home. Your very brave in trying the soup, glad all is well.

Debbie J said...

Yes I can tell you are enjoying your time at home! Love the quilt in progress and the one on the wall. Love sunflowers!!! I have one of Mama's old spatulas that has an edge so thin, it will lift anything, especially warm cookies from a cookie sheet. The baby will be just right to really use the quilt at one year old. I think canned goods are good much longer than the date. I've often said, Its not like the can explodes at midnight on the date the expiration runs out!

Bren said...

The baby quilt is gorgeous!! And I love the yellow spatula. The soup....well you are braver than I am. If it is still good for a month, I toss it LOL!!