Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sewing and Cooking

We are still waiting for Brinley Kate to arrive.  Mommy's due date is technically two weeks away, but you know how we impatient people are... we want everything early.  ;)  All is going well and we are praying for a safe delivery.... soon!

I've been doing a little sewing:

sent from iphone; small pic; sorry!

I'm working on a row quilt, as it turns out, because I have no pattern.  I'm just adding a row at a time, building this quilt as I go. 

Last night I put in a row of pinwheel blocks.... oops... not a pinwheel.  I just love my seam ripper.  ;)

I hope to put in another row today, trying a disappearing four patch block.

My messy sewing room.  Avery (4 year old grandson) opened the door to my room during his last visit.  I heard a loud gasp and then he yells "Grandma, the dogs have torn up paper all over your floor!"  I had to admit to him that this is my mess.   I dream of having a pretty sewing room one day.  The first thing I want to do is to get rid of that CARPET.... everything sticks to it and it is so dirty.  I spent a lot of time looking at sewing rooms on Pinterest last night.  Oh my!  some of you have sewing palaces!! I don't need the palace...  I just want my room to have a functional layout; a floor that I can sweep; a rolling chair with room to roll; and a storage system that I can follow.  Think, think, think... maybe I will come up with a plan soon.  But first, I need to clean the room .... ouch.

Hubby and I have jumped on the low carb band wagon for a few weeks.  We tried it years ago when the Atkins diet was so popular.  It wasn't nearly as much fun back then, because we didn't have Pinterest.  There are so many tips and ideas out there, and I am truly convinced that cutting out sugar and possibly gluten, has helped my chronic pain issues, tremendously.

I love taking pictures of my food...  I figure it will serve as a file, or sorts, for when we need ideas of what to eat.  Do you see biscuits in the photo?  Yes, these are low carb biscuits, made with almond flour.... one carb each!! Hubby loves them. 

We really like this low carb quiche that I made back during Atkins days, too.  Easy to make and yummy.   Hubby, of course, is losing weight faster than me.  I have lost approx. 10 lbs in almost a month.  I'm not complaining, but I seem to be on a plateau already.  Any low carbers out there?  I'm open for advice!

I leave you with a picture of the creek that runs beside our house.  Thankfully, our house sits on a hill, but this is what happens when we get a lot of rain in a short amount of time.  It has happened numerous times in our ten years of living here, but it is always fascinating each and every time.  I always think of the old saying "if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise..."  It gives the phrase a whole new meaning to me when it floods.  :)

I'll be back soon with pictures of Brinley Kate,  I hope!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes we do want everything yesterday. How exciting it all is!!! That is funny what Avery said. Glad your doing the low carb. We use to follow South Beach but we kinda do our own thing now and yes Pinterest has made meal planning a whole lot easier. The guys always loose it faster :(
Can't wait to meet Brinley Kate.

Nancy Jo said...

Oh another new baby, how exciting!!! The waiting is hard, that phone could ring anytime.
You really are into the quilting, good for you, and so glad you are feeling better. I guess what you eat really can make a difference.
You can come and borrow my broom if you need it.
Nancy Jo

ancient one said...

I know Avery thought those dogs were really in trouble... Your food looks good...Brinley will be here before we know it!!

Debbie J said...

That quilt is going to be so pretty! Love it. The pin wheel looks like some of my work when I get distracted...

I love Avery's reaction to Grandma's mess. :o) He would have the same reaction here, except no dogs to blame it on.

I try and try to do low carb and just can't! I am convinced that carbs are my problem, though. Your food looks wonderful. I do try to limit the carbs, especially at night.

For about 2 weeks I have done what I call the "just eat less diet". So far I've lost about 5 pounds. At my age, when I gain its in the belly, and when I lose its in the belly, so my belly feels so much better with just losing 5 pounds! Never had a belly my whole life until I hit 50! (except when PG)

I know you can wait to hold that little granddaughter.

Debbie J said...

I meant "CAN'T" wait. :o)

Libbie Doyle said...

Any Babe yet? :)

Sheila Benson said...

Might have to try the "low carb" diet again, your food pictures look delicious! That was so cute, about the dogs and your sewing room! :)

Libbie Doyle said...

I was peeking back for more pictures :) Hope you are getting lots of baby kisses!