Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!

 The Good:

I finally put a quilt into my quilting frame all by myself.  (it was a little crooked) The machine sewed well with no bobbin or tension issues.  It was fun!

(this quilt was made many years ago by me, using the scraps I received after my dad's mom died.  I never finished it because my borders were wavy, and I didn't want to remove them to fix it.)

The Bad:

I made lots of boo boo's on this quilt,  always trying to figure out what in the world to do next.  I love this machine, but I'm not so much into the quilting frame.  I think I still want to sell it.

I had several of these creases in the back of my quilt; not to mention my batting got folded along one little section.  It should be plenty warm in that area!  :))  (the backing is a thrift store sheet... I love it)

 The Ugly:

This is some ugly machine quilting here:

I tried meandering and loop d loops.  It really was a fun process, but this girl needs lots of practice. Those who quilt for others truly have my respect!!!  I did trim the wavy borders off and I'm going to bind it with something happy.  This will be my little couch quilt...just for me... "with love from Mary" is what I'll call it.   While I was quilting, I thought about my Grandmama and wondered what she would think of this huge quilting set up.  Would she have had this contraption if they had been available to her?  I wondered about the fabrics....did she actually use these to sew her clothing, or were they just scraps that someone else handed to her?  I wish she had lived longer so that I could have talked 'sewing' with her as  grown up.

So, that's it.... one quilt down... and do I make impulsive purchases?  I think so!  I 'so' didn't need this machine and frame.  (if anyone is interested in purchasing in NC area, send me an email)

But, look what I found at a thrift store today:

Everything  in the store was 1/2 price today.  If you click on the picture to enlarge, you will see the original price was .50 cents.  I paid a whole quarter for this book!  I just love treasure hunts, don't you?


Libbie Doyle said...

My mom has an amazing quilt going right now too :) You girls and your skills!!! I am fascinated by your work! It's always fun to see what you are working on Penny!

Debbie J said...

It all looks good to me! No bad or ugly. I think you would end up loving the machine if you keep using it. I have a similar quilt label book.... may be the same one.

See here:

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I am not a quilter and I think it looks lovely. I give you a whole lot of credit for pushing yourself to learn.

Linda said...

I think you did a great job, Penny! It's a lot harder than it looks, I have found LOL :)

ancient one said...

I think everything you do always looks great!! I never saw quilting frames in this grandma's house. When I knew her she was already quilting on her sewing machine. I remember her making strips sewn to paper to make baby quilts. I don't remember what that was called.

I remember quilting frames in Granma Addie's house and lots of neighbors from down the road working together on the quilt.

Mary said...


Beautiful and it will keep you warm. We all have to learn. Mom also bought a set up like this but she seldom uses it. Love seeing all your projects. Going to look at the one below.