Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Quilt Trail Barns

Another fun day in the car with the GPS....looking for these:
I'm so envious of the owners of all these pretty barns that show off their beautiful quilt blocks.
Driving up the driveway to this one... such a pretty place.  I didn't take a picture of it, but this barn belongs to a sweet log cabin style home that sits on the left side of  the property.
Isn't this sweet??  There pretty flower beds throughout this person's yard and I wished I had taken the time to snap more pic's here.
I drive by this one several times a week.  It actually belongs to a new school in our neighborhood and the students worked hard to restore this barn.  The goats belong to the people who own the property on this side of the black fence.  Pretty cool, huh?
This huge barn sits right beside the highway. 
Same barn in previous picture....side view. 
I really like the block on this barn.  (click pic. to enlarge)
I like the blue and orange colors in this block, too. Keep scrolling, as I have saved the best for last:
We just happened to be snapping the first picture when the owner returned home from church.  She insisted we come on up to the house and see things a little closer.
Isn't this the sweetest cabin?  The owners had it moved their property approx. 10 years ago, from a location very near to my own home.  Darn! I wish I had gotten there first!!!

This sweet lady, Mrs. Ann, insisted we come inside the cabin for a closer look.  She uses this as her get away spot, just to enjoy the peace and quiet.  She brought her daughter's elementary school class here this past year during the Christmas holidays and read Christmas stories to them.  She is a quilter, belongs to no guilds....quilts because she likes to quilt.
This bed is in the loft area that she and her husband added to the cabin.  The quilt on the bed is store bought; she said she can't leave her 'real' quilts out where the mice might find them. 
And this was the 'modern' side of her property.  This is another place that I wish I had taken more pic's.  She had lots of cute flower bed areas, with lots of antique pieces tucked here and there. 
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sunny said...

What a fun drive! When we were in western NC last fall, we saw several barn quilts. Maybe that will be the theme of my next little getaway.

ancient one said...

These were fun... Design one for our barn..

ancient one said...

And of course I saw the bottle tree beside that little cabin...

Debbie J said...

These are beautiful pictures Penny! I like the picture with the goats. Had to go back and check out the bottle tree after seeing your mom's comment.

dh enjoyed seeing your last post with the barn quilts and I'll show him this one because he also likes cabins!

Have a good day!

Tracy said...

What a nice trip! Looks like you had beautiful weather for it too. I have never seen a quilt block on a barn - hex signs, sure, but no quilt blocks!

Carol............. said...

Absolutely LOVE the barn designs! I've been thinking of making one for our barn.......

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Looks like you had so much fun doing this. I want one of those getaway cabins!!!

Cindy said...

You found some wonderful barns and how wonderful to find a darling little log cabin. What a treat to find such a sweet lady who invited you in for a look-see. So unusual.
I have never seen quilts painted on barns, that's a sweet idea, isn't it. And a beautiful idea!
Have a lovely day.
Hugs, Cindy