Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My! How time flies!

My! How time flies... this Santa pictured below is one that I painted back when all my friends  were painting pecan wood figurines.  I painted several pieces, but this was my favorite, and the only one that I still own.
I'm glad I put the date on the bottom of Santa... 1994.  That was 17 years ago!!  Where does the time go??? 
You can't really tell from the sideview, but I had written the names of the children in the family on Santa's list.  Most have faded away, but 'Justin' is still very visible.  The reason for that is:  Justin is my sister in law's son.  His was the first and only name on the list when it was first made, as I was going to give this Santa to my SIL as a Christmas gift.  Well, when it was finished, I didn't want to give Santa away, so I kept him and added the names of the others kids in the family to his list, using a different marker.  Those added names have almost faded away, but Justin is still there, as a very bold reminder that this was supposed to be his mom's gift.  :-) 

How do you like the vintage doily underneath Santa?  Not bad for a 25 cent thrift store find, huh?


Melissa said...

What an adorable Santa. I envy anyone who can paint!

ancient one said...

Somehow I think that Justin might wind up with that Santa one day..LOL

(Rose) Mary Briggs said...

What a cute Santa. And the doily underneath is perfect--great buy at 25 cents! It truly is amazing how time flies--but we are making memories as it hurries by:)

Anonymous said...

What a cute santa Penny. Have a Merry Christmas.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

He is a wonderful Santa. What a fun story!