Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Once upon a time, there was this really sweet little boy who went off to elementary school to learn all kinds of wonderful things. I'm not sure which grade this little boy was in when he made the following tribute to me, but I'm guessing kindergarten, first, or second grade. I wish I had written the date on the back of this lovely art work, but I didn't. I'm so glad I saved it. I was cleaning in my bedroom yesterday and ran across this.... just in time to display for Mother's Day. Please click on the picture to see my "one" nostril and my pretty blue eyes. Notice how he said I cooked breakfast for him "about" everyday. That's southern for "almost" everyday. I can just "hear" him telling these wonderful things to his teacher about me... in his little boy voice with the long southern drawl that was so pronounced when he was a little boy. This is my little boy... all grown up now. He is 24 years old.... still has a southern drawl, but has learned to disguise it when he needs to do so. He is married to a beautiful, sweet girl that I've been praying for since he was a little boy. God gave him a wonderful wife who truly adores my little boy... almost as much as I do. ;o) (joke, Ashley)

Thank you, Will, for the privilege of being your mother. You and your sister are the best! (I'll post her little Mother's Day tribute tomorrow.)


Leann said...

What great story. I know they grow up so fast and we can still see and hear them as little ones. I have 2 sons 20 & 22 and fell in love with them from the moment I knew God gave them to us.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments.

Stop by again!

ancient one said...

I love it... can't wait for April's...

Nancy Jo said...

OH PEN, That is so sweet. I saved alot of my kids things too. Some of them are pretty funny.And sweet.
Nancy Jo

Sandy said...

Very sweet and oh so precious

Utah Grammie said...

Cute drawing - I'd love to see if your nose has gotten any better- must have been heck to blow it! Hahahahaha!

PS- he's a cutie - but Oh Dear - the poor Deer!