Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter decorations

I worked in the kitchen this morning. I put away a few things to declutter the countertops. I no longer have a bread basket on the countertop. You can find the bread on the lower shelf next to the peanut butter. I moved my coffee pot around to allow more room by the sink and put the coffee, filters, creamer, etc. in the cabinet above the coffee pot. Sounds simple? It was..... such a DUH moment for me... but makes everything look cleaner in the kitchen. I brought the bunnies into the kitchen. They are now the only things on my bar and you can actually see them. Before, there were placemats, the landing spot for purses, mail, empty glasses, etc. We'll see if we can keep this clean look up. Plus, if I can keep it clean, it will make a great spot for cutting fabric and working on other craft projects. (so much for keeping it clean, right?)
I bought this string of Easter eggs to make the new wreath for my front door. (before birds starting nesting) I decided to drape them on my light fixture for now and I actually like the way it looks. Too bad I don't have a table underneath. It's still in husband's apartment. I hope it will make its way back home soon.
I also rearranged my mantel again this morning. No pictures, as I'm not sure if I really like it. I just wanted you to know how busy I've been today. I love working part time!


ancient one said...

Everything looks cute. I can tell you've been busy.

Debbie J. said...

Hi Penny,

I did the same thing with our bread. It now goes in the cabinet. The less there is on the counter, the better and cleaner it looks, that's for sure. Your kitchen looks good. I like your egg garland. Those birds messed up your plans, didn't they?

C. C. said...


Nice to meet you! Itsn't it fun to arrange and rearrange! My mom was a nurse (homehealth), and my aunt taught nursing in college, and my granmother graduated from nursing school in 1932 or there about. Her mother was the town healer. I think nursing is awesome! I like to do things the homeopathic way and try to avoid doctors like THEY have the plague! He He!

C. C.

Kim said...

I love the Easter eggs!

Utah Grammie said...

Love how the eggs look in the chandelier! And the bunnies are too cute.I have a buffet that I swore about a year ago I would never let get "junked up" again with mail, purses, keys and what-nots. So far so good - but it's not easy.. LOL

Now I'm obsessed with keeping the table uncluttered as well. About the only way I can do that is to keep it "set" with our dishes- then I HAVE to find other places for the junk..but NOT the buffet!

Chocolate Cat said...

I love your decluttering, it is inspiring me! Could you please send me some spare hours too!!