Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Time

Do you remember how we, as kids, always looked forward to summer? No school; just many long days of playing, hanging out with friends, going to the beach, swimming, and thinking of fun things to do? Wouldn't you love to go back to those days.... just one more time? I have so looked forward to summer this year, just to realize that it is passing right before my eyes! It's been tougher than I thought, being apart from my husband during the week. We are, once again, rethinking our situation and if all goes as planned, I hope to reunite with him by late Fall, if not before. :o) Then I hope to find some of my "lost" summer days. I hope you guys are having a wonderful FUN summer!


Debbie J. said...

With the great fall weather we have around here you could still have some summer types of fun. I know you miss your sweetie.

ancient one said...

Fall might be the very best time to go to the beach. Last year on my birthday, the Outer Banks was fun, fun, fun!

The summer will be over before you know it...

Rose Mary said...

That sounds like a great plan! I wouldn't like to be away from my hubby for that long. Hope you can capture some fun before fall.


Utah Grammie said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you- I know I'd miss my Mr. B sooo much - but Fall is my very favorite time of year and you'll have such a wonderful time together, I just know it! Keep your spirits up and know all will work out as it is supposed to!

Kentucky Bound said...

Hi! Just catching up on what you've been up to for the past couple of weeks. I'm sharing the phone line for the time being, so I'm limiting my time on line.

This summer has definitely flown by. I've never been a big fan of summer, but spending over half my life in Florida kind of took the thrill out of it. I actually have more of a tan since moving to KY than I've had in the past 30 years. All that fresh air and sunshine and time spent on the lawn tractor and hanging laundry on my solar powered clothes dryer (when it's not raining).

Love the new bathroom look! I actually have the brother to your little green duck packed away somewhere in one of these boxes. Isn't it fun to change a color here and there and move some accessories around from room to room?!

LOVE your quilt! I have a passion for quilts . . . old and new. Don't feel bad about not allowing your children to touch it! Doxies are much kinder to quilts than children are!