Thursday, May 29, 2008


Mama bird has been very busy, hasn't she? When we left to go back to our apartment last week, I forgot to put the sign up to warn people at the front door . My daughter in law told me that she and my son came over Tuesday night to pick up her wedding dress. They didn't know about the nest but quickly noticed mama bird flying around their heads while trying to open the front door. They decided to exit through the back door after they picked up their things. I now have a sign on my storm door, just under the wreath, which says: "Please use back door, Mama bird is on her nest. Thanks!" So far, the sign is working. Hopefully, the eggs will hatch soon and we'll get a good picture of her babies! Isn't nature amazing?


ancient one said...

Yes, nature is amazing. But your dad isn't trusting nature this time. He remembers what happened to the Guinea eggs last year. So, yesterday, he took all the eggs, but three, and put them into the incubator.

You know that snakes love bird eggs don't you? I really don't think one could climb your glass door. So maybe those eggs will be alright.

I cannot wait to see the picture of the baby birds!!

Utah Grammie said...

I just love the perfection of those little tiny eggs - the color - the design of the nest - what a gift of Mother Nature to you! Keep us informed, OK?


The Babysitters Love said...

Yes, mama bird kept those little one's safe from us! She wasn't at all afraid to "attack" us! Haha! She certainly sent us on a detour :)

Kentucky Bound said...

I can't wait to see pictures with little beaks and head poking their way out of the eggs!