Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Yo yo maker

So, I bought myself one of those yo yo makers. (picture borrowed ... not mine). I have made plenty of yo yo's in my time, but I made them the old fashioned way. I have not even opened the package to read the instructions, so in my mind, I can't even imagine how this thing works and how it makes perfect yo yo's. I'm home alone for two days and hope to investigate my new yo yo maker during this time. If it works very well, I hope to fix myself up a little bag for an easy "travel" project, while we are making our transition from one home to another. I want to make a little yo yo spread in red's.... I want my new little apartment done in red's and greens. I've been talking with a dear friend who works at a job where I worked almost 11 years ago. I have an offer to come back to work there and may possibly take it. I would be working with children again... my little loves! I'm praying about it and hope to visit with them soon to make a decision. Life is very interesting... I can't believe we are in transition again. But, I guess life is always in transition... we never know from one day to the next, do we? Hope you all are having a wonderful day!
*update on the washable pee pads* No go! Big dog would pee on them.... he'll pee on anything. Little dog would NOT pee on them.... sort of scared of them, I guess! Back to disposable pee pads for us!


Debbie J. said...

The yo yo quilt sounds like a really fun traveling project. I love to make things while hubby is driving, but don't get that opportunity too often. Sorry about the pee pads! Mine finally got used to his wolf quilt. He lays on it ALL the time now but was scared of it for a while. I tried to make him sleep on it and it must have been pretty traumatic for him. (wimp doggie) LOL!

Sounds like fun to decorate your new apartment and the job sounds wonderful!!!

(look for your ecard!)

Kim said...

Penny, I can't wait to the see yo yo quilt. I bet it will be lovely. I once lived in a cabin and I decorated the kitchen in red and white. Good luck with your job decision. It sounds like you are having fun with this life transition and that's a good thing.

Anonymous said...

MY Butterbean will pee on anything...I love him.

Utah Grammie said...

Yo Yo's from Yo Momma! Sounds like fun- let us all know if it works and if it does, where you got it from. Yoyo's can be used on soo many cute things!
How nice that your old job wants you back! What a compliment to you - it must have made you feel all warm & fuzzy - things will all be as they are supposed to be in the end - just be patient and He'll do right by you!