Monday, October 1, 2007

Simple Things

The simple things remind us of all we have to be thankful for. This little cup and saucer set is one that I bought a couple years ago, but it reminds me of something old and a much simpler time... these might be cups like our grandma's would have used to serve their coffee to friends and family. I rarely think to use them, but when I do, my coffee seems a little more special to me. Fall seems to be the time of year when I start thinking "simple, simple, simple." Generations before us did not have nearly the "things" that we have now, but I truly believe they were much happier with their simple lifestyles and slower pace of life. Joy comes from God and when we experience that kind of joy, we can really start to appreciate the simple things in life.


Debbie J. said...

How pretty that is Penny! Your dainty tea cups remind me of a teatoom in Gatlinburg.

I start feeling like a pioneer in the fall. I guess it feels like we will be snowed in all winter or something! (with all that 1 or 2 inches we "might" get)!

ancient one said...

Love your pretty apple cups.

I love that you are thinking days gone by were simpler.

Remember the day we visited the tobacco museum and then the old house in the back. Remember your dad and I were saying WE grew up in a house like that and YOU said, but I didn't...LOL

In some ways it was simpler and better but in other ways it wasn't. Having to use a "portajohn" reminds me of something I now have that I don't want to do without!!

Rose Mary said...

What pretty cups. Yes, I agree with everything you said, Penny. Sometimes I wish I could make my life more simple-and I could if I just tried a little harder! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet thoughts.