Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My quilting project

In keeping up with Nancy Jo, I'm hoping to start publishing a few of my favorite things for you to see. Below is a picture of the first dress I embroidered in this series of 50's style dresses. I have seven of them completed, leaving me five more to do. These patterns were free from a website titled "Bobby Socks Quilt Company." The owner offers a free pattern every month.


RoseMary said...

That is going to be beautiful when you are through! I'm looking forward to seeing your final results.

Nancy said...

What a terrific idea for a quilt! PLEASE post your pics as you move along!

Beemoosie said...

Those are adorable!!! Can't wait to see the finishished product!

Nancy Jo said...

Well how cute is that? A new pattern each month. How do you do that? Do you print it off the site, or do they mail it to you, is it an IRON ON?
I noticed you used the word joyful a lot. One of my favorite things to say is. "CARRY JOY WHEREVER YOU GO, IT ISN'T THAT HEAVY"
Keep on bloging, its like the old days when a lot of us had a pen pal or two, now we can have a lot of new friends and see pictures too!!

Brin said...

I LOVE this quilt! Your work is beautiful, and I look forward to seeing what you accomplish!

Hi! I'm Brin from Freeman House. I just wanted to drop by and tell you that I appreciate your kind and insightful comments on my blog! (And I love finding a fellow quilter. I'm such an amateur and need all the visual help I can get!) I hope you'll feel welcome to stop back by anytime you have the time or inclination.

Hope you have a wonderful day! Can't wait to look through that quilt again!


Pen said...

WOW, I love it!