Friday, April 20, 2007

More quilt show

This is another quilt that caught my eye from the quilt show. It reminded me so much of the one I am working on below. Wouldn't any little girl (or big girl) love to own this?


Nancy Jo said...

BOY, Somebody out there is pretty handy. That is pretty much like the one you are making right?
Three of the four Grand daughters will be here soon, going to be working outside most of the day. putting out the deck and porch furniture, Richard is going to Roll the lawn, he has gone to get bark chips now to put around the shrubs.
How many hours do you work as a nurse? And what kind of nursing are you doing?

RoseMary said...

You went to a great quilt show! Yours is going to look so much like this one! I haven't been to a quilt show in several years and miss going. I'm loving your blog. You've had some interesting posts!

Brin said...

I LOVE these quilt posts! And I think this may be the most darling one I've seen in awhile! May I be so bold as to ask... are you freehanding yours, or do you use a pattern? If you do, could you point me to one?

Enjoying your blog more and more every day,


Brin said...

Awh, nevermind! I just reread the post about the free pattern every month. I'll try that first. What fun! Thanks for the inspiration!


Anonymous said...