Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Quilts

When I found out my grandsons were still using their baby quilts, I knew I had to spring into action to make new quilts. Chandler's baby quilt barely covered his 4 year old body.

So I finished them both before Christmas, using mostly scraps from other projects. These are large enough, they should last for awhile as they grow. Both boys were happy with their new quilts. 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Blogging from the phone again

Whew! I am not a tech savvy person. My computer is freezing up and I can barely read blogs from there. My iPhone won't send pics to my email and I can no longer check my email from my computer. I would love to throw it all out and start over, but I don't know how.  Did I mention my camera is broken too???  The blogger app no longer works, but I was smart enough to find my way back to blogger by doing a google search. Whew!!!!

Christmas is almost here. Are you ready? I think I am.

I have some pictures to share, but blogger is not finding pics from my phone. Oh my!!! I will keep trying. Maybe soon...

Geez! Louise! I loaded one pic... took me over an hour???

Merry Christmas to you all! 🌲 🌲 🌲

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fall 2016 ... already??

I just cannot believe that summer has come and gone already.  Even though it's still pretty warm here, I can definitely sense that fall is in the air.

This is a hodgepodge of old fall things with a new pumpkin  that I bought this year.  The stand is a ceramic piece I found at a local Goodwill recently.  The lady who made it, has her name etched in the bottom of the stand.  Yes, I'll take this!  I love that her name is on the bottom, I think it is Louise.   The little pillow and candles came from a blogging friend from a few years back, but I can't remember who.  Thank you again, if you recognize your things... I still love them!

Here's a little piece of thrift store 'art' that makes me smile.   Something I created on my own.....

Fancy, huh?  I have always liked seeing angel wings in the décor of others.  I had this set of wings that I bought from JoAnn's a couple years ago.  They were bright and shiny and I never really did anything  with them.  (I think it was a Christmas item bought at the end of the season)   I found the frame at Goodwill, with the tan and black background paper was already inside.  I used paint to darken the dots along the frame edge and used the same black craft paint to 'glaze' those shiny wings.   One, two, three...  and I sat them on the iron candle holders that were also found at Goodwill.    (nothing is attached, so I can always disassemble and change it

Doesn't take much to make me happy..........

Which is a very good thing!  Because I ALMOST went back to work a couple weeks ago.  I had been hired to work as a private duty RN for a child who lives in our town and I was planning to work a couple days a week. 

But then......

I came to my senses!!!  I do not want to go back to work!!!

I have always dreamed of retiring and being able to sew, sew, sew....... so I figured I had better get to sewing. 

The days I dreamed about for so long are actually here!!  I could get so much more done if I didn't think I had to read the whole internet every single day!!!  Does anyone else have that problem?

So, there.....

Life is good!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Week With Our Boys

Our sweet little grandsons, Avery and Chandler, came to spend a week with us last month.  It was a fun filled week and such a pleasure to see how grown up our boys have become.  They are ages 6 and 4 ... and Grandma had forgotten just how much energy little boys can have!!

Avery and Chandler
a fun day of fishing
My daddy has a sweet pond, where the fish are ALWAYS biting!

Avery, Great Granddaddy, Papa, and Chandler

It was a fun week.  Little sister, Brinley, cried because she could not come along for this trip.  Next time, sweet baby girl, I promise!!!


Monday, August 15, 2016

Baby Kinley Quilt

My niece had a baby girl a couple months ago and Aunt Penpen finished up her baby quilt last night.

I finished it up just in time to watch little Kinley for a couple hours today while her mommy went for a doctor's appointment.

Can you tell she just loves her new quilt???  :-)

I hope she has many years of love and comfort from this little quilt.

If you think you've seen this quilt before, you're not going crazy.  It is a lot like my granddaughter, Annabelle's baby quilt. 

This is the back of Kinley's quilt:  made with vintage 1980's little girl fabric.

A close up of the backing fabric.  I hope she doesn't find it too creepy... I just adore all the little girls. 
I did not place a label on the back of the quilt, but  may add one later.  I found it so 'freeing' not to worry about a label.  I think I'm going to order some premade labels to attach to most of my quilts, making it easier to move on to the next project. 
Great Aunt Penny really enjoyed making this little quilt and just loved watching her and her big brother for a little while today.  

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Around the house at Penpen's

Summer is upon us and it is hot in eastern NC.  Our garden was pretty much a flop this year, although we did eat squash 3 times.  We've learned that the garden must be planted away from the dogs.  Sweet Pea helped herself to our cucumbers and the few tomatoes that she could reach.  We are already planning for next year's garden.

One of the good things about not having a job, is being able to visit thrift stores on a regular basis.  I've been finding some really cute things to decorate our new house. 

Here's a look at our foyer area.  The table is our former tv table, which will do for now.  Of course,  I'm on the lookout for just the right piece to go there.  The little dogs are vintage figurines that my parents gifted to my grandparents many years ago.  It makes me happy to have them at my house now.  The tree, the white angel arch, and the crochet balls are more thrifting goodness.

These are future projects.  I just love the cow with the tiny head.

This entire grouping came from thrift stores.  The magnetic strip is a knife holder that the former owners left here.  We couldn't figure how to take it down.  Hopefully there will be tile on the backsplash soon.

I managed to complete little Raegan's quilt just in time for her first birthday.

The front of her little quilt.

The back side; I just love the feminine floral fabric. 

The label handwritten and embroidered by me.  :)

I wanted to share with you my beautiful Mother's Day gift from Will and Ashley.  This is my mama's handwriting from a note she had written to me years ago.  I smile when I remember how much she loved us.  It's been almost a year since my sweet mama left us for her Heavenly home.  I miss her each and every day, but I know I will see her again very soon! 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Still home and loving it!

I have been unemployed (by choice) since early March.  Can I tell you that I love, love, love being home??  I've been extremely busy unpacking and setting up our new home, but thankfully, all that seems to be slowing down.

Today on my dining room table is a long over due quilt top for baby Raegan.  Raegan is my nephew's daughter and she will be celebrating her FIRST birthday next month.   Better late, than never.  Right?

Can you see the pretty sunflower quilt on the wall?  Click on the picture to enlarge.  This little quilt was gifted to me by Sunny at Quilting Dreams.  I just love it!
Just perfect in my dining room

I've been trying to stock my pantry.  I decided to check the expiration dates on my canned goods and found two cans of tomato soup that were out of date.  I could throw them out ...... or be brave and eat them.  I ate one can today (exp in 2014) and it was great!  If I go missing , you'll know the soup killed me. 
My latest thrift store craze:  looking for thin spatulas that will flip an egg without bursting the yolk.  Does anyone know what I mean?  The newer spatulas seem to have a thick edge on them, making it difficult to turn the egg.  Since we moved back home, my daddy has kept us supplied with wonderful farm fresh eggs!  These aren't pretty, but  they work so good!!