Friday, August 1, 2014

Life is...

It's funny how we dream, make plans, decide how we would like for our life to be... and then life just happens!  God surprises us sometimes.  :)

Hubby and I had always dreamed of moving back 'home' one day after his retirement.  When our grandchildren came along, we (I) decided that moving back home would probably never happen.  How can a grandma leave her grandchildren?

But hubby still had the dream.  Not so much of moving back home, but he had a 'dream' job that he wanted after retirement.  A fun  job.  (in his eyes)  Hubby got the job.

Yes, we are packing up again.  We are moving back to eastern NC.   Eventually, this move will allow Grandma to retire from a nursing career.  That's a good thing.  Grandma is assured that she can drive the 3 hours, at least every other week, to visit her grandchildren.  (I'll be looking for ride along passengers!! note to family and friends)

I am very excited to be leaving our 'subdivision' of homes and moving to the COUNTRY.  And I mean country.  We are way out there... on a farm.... renting this cute 1952 home until we can sell our current home.  The house has had updates along the way, but it is still old, quirky, and cute.  My heart is singing.  I love old farm houses.

August will be crazy! We moved our first load yesterday.  We will be packing and moving a little at a time, as hubby starts his job on the 11th.  There is no way we can move everything we own into this little house.  Along the way, we will decide what to sell, what to keep, what to put in storage.  It's always good to go through your 'stuff' every now and then.  Time for a purge!!

*Update on the yellow sunbonnet sue quilt in my last post:  I did machine stitch all the dolls on the edges, and machine stitched the folded over binding.  I washed the quilt and it did not fall apart.  So this quilt will go home with dear daughter the next time I see her.  (she lives in Nashville TN)

I am currently hand stitching the binding on the thrift store quilt and plan to finish it before I move my sewing room stuff.  (oh what a chore.... and I will be purging there, too)

I don't think I'll be doing too much sewing in August, but I do believe I'll be very busy.  I'll  be posting pics soon.  Happy August to you!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The 1991**Didn't know what I was doing* quilt

In 1991, I was in my late 20's and was making quilts.  I have learned a lot since then, but I want to share this quilt with you:

This quilt makes me happy and it makes me sad. 

When my grandmother died, my grandfather gave me a box of fabric scraps that  had belonged to her.  She was a quilter, too.  I made this quilt for my daughter.... she was 4 years old... and I dreamed of the day that she would grow up and it would become a part of her home.

You see, I did not even know how to make the blanket stitch for appliqueing the pieces.  But I thought I had taught myself.  I whipped these little sunbonnet sue girls up in no time.

I embroidered some of my favorite Bible verses on each dress, thinking that one day my daughter would look up these verses, to see what  scripture had spoken to her mother.
 I hand quilted this quilt on a wooden frame, that sat in the living room until the quilt was finished.  My children played underneath the frame while I quilted away.  I look at my quilting stitches now and am amazed that I had such small neat stitches 'back in the day'.  My stitches no longer look that nice.

When I finished quilting the quilt and turned the edges over for binding (I did not know how to make binding  or how to  bind a quilt in 1991) I promptly washed the quilt. 
To my horror, when I pulled it out of the washer, all of my blanket stitches that I used to hold the sun bonnet girls on with, had shifted.... pulled away and were distorted. It's a wonder there were any Sue's hanging on at all!

So, it was at that moment, that I decided my little girl could not 'use' the quilt at all while she was a little girl, as I knew it would get dirty and not be able to withstand frequent washings.   I folded it away and put inside a plastic container and there it has sat for years!

My little girl is 27 years old now and has a house of her own.  I still have not parted with the quilt, because I know what will happen when she washes it.  

I've been thinking of putting the quilt on my sewing machine and machine stitching the Sunbonnet Sues in place and calling it ok.  I will then send it to my daughter and she can decide if she will display it, use it, or keep it in plastic its entire life. 

Any suggestions?  Man! I wish I could still quilt like that!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Underground Railroad completed

I am definitely an 'under' achiever with my quilting goals, but I have managed to finally finish my Underground Railroad quilt sampler.  

This picture was taken in a hurry with assistance from  an impatient husband.  The sunshine is washing out the lower portion of the quilt in the photo.  I bought the fabric 2-3 years ago, using Christmas money given to me as a gift.  I very slowly worked my way through Eleanor Burn's Underground Railroad pattern book.  By the time I was finished with the blocks, I was pretty bored with the color of the fabrics (attempting to use Civil War type fabric colors).  I decided on the black and red to make the blocks pop a little more and then chose the blue border because I wanted the quilt to look happier than it was looking at the time.  ;) 

The backing and binding were made from several yards of fabric that I found at Goodwill somewhere along the way.  I think I paid $2 for approx. 6 yards of fabric. 

Of course, it is all machine quilted.  I saved the quilting for the black sashing for last and debated on whether to even meander stitch on them.   Well, I did it, but not sure I would do that again... especially with contrasting thread colors.  On a happy note, I straight stitched 'in the ditch' the entire quilt before I started any  free motion stippling.  This is the first quilt that I have machine quilted that didn't have a huge pucker or fold on the back somewhere. 

This quilt now belongs to my husband because he claimed it right from the start.  He loved the colors and still loved the colors when I was done.  Those must be 'man' colors.   I'm happy it's finished, because it just feels good to mark an unfinished project off the list! 

And I threw this picture in for the grandkids.  Hoping that they will one day enjoy reading my blog, I wanted to throw in something that is sure to make them giggle one day.  These brothers are so much fun and it's cute to see Chandler growing into the little brother than can now 'play' with big brother, Avery.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

M4 goals for July

I am a list maker, for sure.  Sometimes they work for me, sometimes not so much.  I have a dry erase board that I write on during the week, so hubby and I can keep track of each other and what we have to do each week.  (it's an age thing, I'm sure... we don't even know what day it is half the time!!)

For years I have been collecting patterns, fabric, books, etc. for 'one day'.  You know, one day when I have time.. .  well, you know what?  One day is here!!! I have no excuse for not getting more done!!  I have so much time these days... free time... to do just as I please.  Back when I was collecting all these dreamy treasures of fabric, patterns, etc. , I never dreamed that something like a computer would rob my time from me.  I have gotten a lot better, as the computer doesn't have the same 'pull' on me that it used to have.

I did accomplish a couple of quilty things in June:

Abel's quilt (post below this one) I finished up the binding last night.

Savannah's quilt

It's amazing what you can do, when you set your mind to it. 

So, I am linking up with Kathi at Design Originals by KC, to plan a few July goals. 

  • July goals:
1. Finish binding on this quilt:
Yes, I have this top completed and quilted.  It's been sitting for months, waiting to have the binding sewn on.  Hubby keeps asking me when I'm going to make a quilt for 'us'... this will be the one.
2.  Put in a few  hand stitches on this quilt. I am so CLOSE to finishing!
3.  And start on one of my new projects:
by Crabapple Hill
I always drool over this pattern whenever I see it!!
So, yes, my goals are big for July!  That's not to mention that I MUST clean and organize my sewing room a little, before I even attempt the next project.  But, I can do it.  I have plenty of time.  I'm hoping that this post will keep me focused.
What about you?  Any goals for July?  Blog about it and link up with Kathi for a chance to win two pretty fat quarters.  (I couldn't get the pic. of the fat quarters to load for me, but click here to go see them)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Quilt for Baby Abel

We have another baby due to arrive in our family in July.  This little boy belongs to our nephew's family and should be here in approx. 4 weeks!

Any baby born in July needs a red, white , and blue quilt.  Don't you think?  ;)  ;)

I'll be machine quilting today and hope to deliver to Abel's grandmama's house  sometime next week.

This is what our grandsons have been playing at my house.  If you can't take the boat to the water, just bring the water to the boat!  What fun!

pinwheel quilt: (note to self) made with 6 and 1/2 inch blocks (after cutting and sewing, each block measures approx. 11.5 inches). two inch striped border, 4.5 inch outer border. Binding cut at 3 inches to start.  Measures approx. 45 inches square.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Graduation Quilt

It's June already and that means graduation season for many!  One of my best friends, from work, has a sweet daughter who has become near and dear to me through the years. 

Savannah's quilt
I pieced this one together without a pattern... one of those things I tell myself to never do again!  It all starts out well and then proves to be a challenge by the end. 

Here is the pretty girl opening her quilt.  Her first question:  did you make this all by yourself?  She's too cute.

This is me with the sweet graduate.  Her mom rented the local Bed and Breakfast in town for her graduation party.  I was excited to go, not only to celebrate the graduate, but to see and tour  the large home.  I have always dreamed of having a large old farm house to restore and live in, and still think I would love it.........  But after seeing all the large rooms in this house, all I could think about was having to clean it!!! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

She's here!!

Our precious little  bundle arrived today.

Grandma and Brinley

She has sweet little cheeks and is just perfect!

Sweet Sugar Girl

Her brothers like her... this is her
Daddy and big Brother Chandler:
And Avery didn't want to hold her right away:

He was busy doing his own tricks... ha ha.