Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sewing and Cooking

We are still waiting for Brinley Kate to arrive.  Mommy's due date is technically two weeks away, but you know how we impatient people are... we want everything early.  ;)  All is going well and we are praying for a safe delivery.... soon!

I've been doing a little sewing:

sent from iphone; small pic; sorry!

I'm working on a row quilt, as it turns out, because I have no pattern.  I'm just adding a row at a time, building this quilt as I go. 

Last night I put in a row of pinwheel blocks.... oops... not a pinwheel.  I just love my seam ripper.  ;)

I hope to put in another row today, trying a disappearing four patch block.

My messy sewing room.  Avery (4 year old grandson) opened the door to my room during his last visit.  I heard a loud gasp and then he yells "Grandma, the dogs have torn up paper all over your floor!"  I had to admit to him that this is my mess.   I dream of having a pretty sewing room one day.  The first thing I want to do is to get rid of that CARPET.... everything sticks to it and it is so dirty.  I spent a lot of time looking at sewing rooms on Pinterest last night.  Oh my!  some of you have sewing palaces!! I don't need the palace...  I just want my room to have a functional layout; a floor that I can sweep; a rolling chair with room to roll; and a storage system that I can follow.  Think, think, think... maybe I will come up with a plan soon.  But first, I need to clean the room .... ouch.

Hubby and I have jumped on the low carb band wagon for a few weeks.  We tried it years ago when the Atkins diet was so popular.  It wasn't nearly as much fun back then, because we didn't have Pinterest.  There are so many tips and ideas out there, and I am truly convinced that cutting out sugar and possibly gluten, has helped my chronic pain issues, tremendously.

I love taking pictures of my food...  I figure it will serve as a file, or sorts, for when we need ideas of what to eat.  Do you see biscuits in the photo?  Yes, these are low carb biscuits, made with almond flour.... one carb each!! Hubby loves them. 

We really like this low carb quiche that I made back during Atkins days, too.  Easy to make and yummy.   Hubby, of course, is losing weight faster than me.  I have lost approx. 10 lbs in almost a month.  I'm not complaining, but I seem to be on a plateau already.  Any low carbers out there?  I'm open for advice!

I leave you with a picture of the creek that runs beside our house.  Thankfully, our house sits on a hill, but this is what happens when we get a lot of rain in a short amount of time.  It has happened numerous times in our ten years of living here, but it is always fascinating each and every time.  I always think of the old saying "if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise..."  It gives the phrase a whole new meaning to me when it floods.  :)

I'll be back soon with pictures of Brinley Kate,  I hope!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Waiting for Brinley Kate

It's almost time!

Grandma has finished our first baby girl grandbaby's quilt.  I bought this quilt kit at least five years ago, as a birthday gift for myself, while visiting a quilt shop during our beach vacation.  (maybe 6 years ago?)  I had promised myself I would make this quilt for my first grandchild.  Well, he is 4 years old now and he is a boy.  The next grandchild is almost 2 years old and he is also a boy.  This quilt looks a little too girly to give to a little boy.  (just because the kit had so much pink and lavender in it)

I'm not crazy about those face 'puffs' on the back side of the quilt, but I really didn't want to quilt through the faces on the front.   I am hoping after a few washes, the puffs won't be so visible.

This is the first quilt back I've made, incorporating a block from the front design.  I really like it.  :)

I didn't have her quilt finished in time for her baby shower, but she received LOTS of pretty outfits at her shower.  She is going to be a living baby doll for us to play with and change her many pretty outfits.   Don't you just love this shower invitation?  Her Nana made these and I cannot bear to throw it away.  I have it hanging in my sewing room now. 

So, Brinley's mommy saw the doctor yesterday and there are definite signs that Miss Brinley will be here soon.  Hopefully, we will meet her in the next 2-3 weeks.  We already love her!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chandler Boo Boo

This is what happens when a sweet boy falls onto Grandma's brick fireplace.  I've been looking at Pinterest for ideas on how to pad the bricks.  Has anyone else done this?  This is definitely my urgent project for next week.  So glad it wasn't worse than it was... so sorry, sweet boy!  I love you.

Monday, March 17, 2014

When Pinterest goes Viral

I guess I've been using Pinterest for a couple years now.  Up until last week, I allowed the site to send an email to me, each time someone liked or repinned something I had pinned.  No big deal.... a few emails a day. 

Until this:

Beautiful photo for wedding day
Oh my goodness!!

I pinned this onto my ' photo ' board several months ago, with very few responses.  And all of a sudden, within the past couple weeks, my mailbox was FULL of notifications.  It surely must be wedding season, because over 1000 people have repinned this photo in the past couple of weeks. 

Yes, I have now changed my email settings.  I no longer receive a notification each time someone likes this photo.  But, I can appreciate why everyone loves this photo.  Isn't it great?  Mom, daughter, and grandmother with their wedding rings.  Precious photo.

You can go to this link to see if for yourself.  But be warned: if you pin it, it just might go viral. ;)

Monday, December 23, 2013

*Round One*

We drove home on Saturday to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.  We were missing my daughter's family and a nephew, but everyone else made it and we had a great time.

This picture was a last minute activity as we said goodbye.
I had purchased these Santa hats for .25 cents each, way after Christmas a couple years ago, from Dollar General.  I had put them aside and had forgotten them until I ran across them again this year.  I grabbed the bag and took it with me to the party.
We were saying goodbye, when my sister in law announced that we hadn't even take family pictures yet. (she's the one pulling up the Santa hats in the back row) My brother (front right) set his camera to automatic timer mode, put in on the mantle, and this is what we got!  We have all enjoyed this picture. (I'm the one with the overall Santa boy in my lap.)
Round two is tonight at our house.  Our son and his family will come over to celebrate.  (daughter is in TN and won't make it home this year) I'm cooking chicken and pastry (dumplings), cabbage, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs and rolls.  We're looking forward to watching the little kids tear into their gifts tonight.

We had an unseasonably warm day in NC and the cousins were able to play outside.  This was the first time these brothers were able to really play with and get to know sweet Matti (my brother's granddaughter).  What fun!
Merry Christmas!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! I am sure we are all knee deep (or deeper) in holiday preparations this week. 

I didn't put up a Christmas tree this year.  (Last year was a disaster with the dogs... you know, dogs see a tree, they pee on it) This picture was taken at the boys' home.  They are excited and ready for Christmas to get here!!

I did bring out the nativity and I did decorate the mantel.  And yes, I hung the same ole wreath on the front door.  (it looks so sad and tired.  I think this will be its last year) I've had this nativity for almost 30 years. It was a gift from my mother in law the first year that we were married.  This table is very low in height and Chandler's little 17 month old hands love to play with the animals! I hope the animals  can survive this year without being broken.  (next year there will be a 8 month old baby sister to worry about!!! yay!!)

These two boys have stolen Grandma's heart and I  am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with them.  I (like all of you grandmothers) cannot even describe the love I have for them.  Isn't it amazing how grandchildren come along in our lives when we need them most? 

From our house to yours.... Merry Christmas!

Friday, October 4, 2013

I made bread

Do you know what's in your bread?

Just for today: I do.  I know exactly what is in my bread today, because I made my own from this recipe. Honey Oat Quick Bread

I've been doing a lot of reading on our health, our mood, our diet, artificial ingredients, GMO's, etc. etc.  I'm trying to make the switch over to organic produce and grass fed beef and pork, etc.  There's a lot to be learned in studying about these things, and it's incredible to think that we, as Americans, eat so poorly.  (even though the obesity rate is sky high)

While buying a loaf of bread recently, I started to read the ingredient list on the different brands available.  OMG... really?  you put all THAT in this loaf of bread?? Not recognizing most of  the ingredients  in the 'chemical' bread, I opted for the one with shortest ingredient list and came home.  (Sara Lee wheat bread)

I started looking around on Pinterest for bread recipes.   I have been thinking about buying a bread machine, but don't know if I need another appliance sitting on the shelves, collecting dust.  I've never been one for kneading, rising, punching, etc... taking all day to make bread.  (Mainly because I don't know what I'm doing and I spend all day to make a less than decent loaf of bread.  )

So when I found this recipe.... no yeast, no rising, no kneading, etc.. I knew I should give it a try.  So, here it is... fresh out of the oven.  The house smells yummy and I'm waiting for it to cool.  I'll update you with the taste results later.

But just for today, yes, I know what's in my bread. :)

**Update on taste** YUM!!! Slices beautifully, too.