Tuesday, May 21, 2019

May 2019... and a lesson in vintage ... and dogs

I finished another scrap quilt for our other granddaughter, Brinley Kate.  She turned 5 years old this month!!

She seemed happy to get it and her brothers, who already have their full size quilts, seemed just as happy for her.  They are such sweet and sentimental children.... they get it from their mom, I'm sure.  (their dad is my son)

Brinley and Chandler checking out the label

This following is the best photo I have of the whole quilt.

Brinley and Annabelle are coming to stay with Grandma for two weeks soon.  I hope they will make lifetime memories together, as they don't see each other very often, due to distance in home locations.

Now to begin our lesson in vintage.

 I've been picking up vintage fabrics here and there, hoping to make a "new" vintage quilt for myself.  This is a pillow cover I removed from a pillow form. Nothing too special about this one, except for I love it.  It is yellowed (probably from a smoker), but I have it soaking in the sink as I type this.

This one was more interesting to me. 

 I bought this pillow because I liked the fabric cover, thinking it may be flour sack fabric.  If not a true flour sack, it is a nice reproduction.  The whole time I handled the pillow, before taking it apart to wash, I was thinking maybe it had a soft feather pillow inside.  It just felt so good in my hands.... so soft and could be molded  and positioned under the neck for perfect comfort.

So this was the next layer..... the pillow had been covered once before.  

And again...another recover layer.

And finally... this layer.   It was starting to make my black shorts very dusty and dirty at this point and I was  a little nervous about continuing ….. but I wanted to see the feathers!

There were no feathers..... only this!  

What is it???  Cotton?  Real cotton?  Zoom in to see closer.  Whatever it is, I quickly tied it up in a plastic bag and disposed of it.  Oh, but it would have been so comfortable.   I can understand why someone recovered it over and over again.... it was somebody's favorite!  The outside cover is now soaking in my sink, too.

This picture is just for my own blog documentation. ( I have fat , not so pretty legs, but I' m thankful for my legs and what they do for me.  )

   Back to story.... I received my first ever dog bite last week.  A friend of the family passed away and I stopped by the house to check on the wife.  Max is a cute little brown dachshund, that looks a lot like my own sweet dachshund girl .  He was very nervous , as there had been so much activity in the house, with the passing of his daddy.  He was trying to jump up onto his mommy's chair and I thought I would just give him a hand.  I tried to sweep him up like I do my own little dogs and he freaked out!!  He came after me and got a good bite through my blue jeans.  I didn't  tell his mom that he had bitten me, but what an experience!.  I can not even imagine how those who suffer "real" dog attacks must feel and the pain associated with it.  Yes, I've learned a new lesson.... All dogs aren't always friendly.  **I might add that I've been back to Max's house since the bite, and he was jumping up on my legs, wanting sugar and loves from me**


  1. Love the quilt. I so wish I had time to quilt. Sigh! You were very thoughtful and generous not to mention the bite.

    1. I figure she had enough to worry about and I know her dog is well cared for....immunized, etc.

  2. what a sweet quilt and grand daughter!!! I bet she loves it so much.
    So sorry you got bit. I bet the poor baby was stressed out and scared. Hope you and the baby are ok.

  3. Love your granddaughter’s quilt, looks like she really loves it. That’s reward in itself for all your work.
    Pretty fabrics.
    Ouch, nice bruise. Dog bites are quite painful and all dogs are capable if there is a perceived threat or distress.
    One of my dogs bit me on the base of my thumb once and my whole arm hurt for weeks.
    Glad he made amends and didn’t go back for seconds!

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  6. Yikes!! (dog bite)!! I would be the same way, picking one up as I do my own without thinking. I am wondering if that old, worn-out pillow filling might be kapok. The scrap quilt for your precious five year old is beautiful; she seems quite tickled by it too; pure sweetness!

  7. I love that quilt too! I bet she'll love that keepsake like no other. Have a great day!

  8. So sorry for your bite -ouch! - but gotta say I adore Brinley's new quilt! it is so cute. I can see she loves it too ♥

  9. That quilt!
    I hope your bite heals quickly, my friend.

  10. I like your grand-daughter's name. I don't remember ever hearing the name Brinley. Sweet label for her quilt.
    And ouch! A bite is no fun but I can understand why the dog was struggling to be calm with all that has been going on.

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  13. She's adorable and I love the quilt. What a blessing you are making this quilts that will always be remembered. Enjoy your time with Brinley and Annabelle. How exciting! Very interesting about the pillows. So sorry about the dog bite.

  14. What a lovely name your grand daughter has. It's a lovely quilt too and the photo of her on it is great? You poor thing that dog bite does look painful. The poor dog must have been so stressed.

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  16. The quilt came out so very lovely! I love the vintage fabrics too. I have some old pieces that were my grandmother's. I have also the bits from the last quilt she had started and never finished. All vintage fabrics as well. Still have a few bits of my mom's clothing which would be from the sixties and her aprons too again old as she died in 1969.

  17. Hey Penny. I saw some of this on Instagram, but missed this post! Can't wait to see your new vintage quilt when you collect enough fabrics! Love Brinley Kate's quilt! Did you make the grandkids' quilts twin or full size?

    I am so sorry about the dog bite..... yikes! That little booger wouldn't get any sugar from me. LOL


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