Friday, April 21, 2017

Hello, it's April

Do you ever feel like time is slipping away? Since I retired from my paying job, it seems time is flying by for me.

I have really been thinking about how I use my time. Am I doing anything worthwhile?

I find that if i if I make lists, I do accomplish more each day. There is something very gratifying about checking a task off a list.

I have my routine chores each and every day, but I am trying to add just one thing each day that doesn't have to be done daily. Today I will be washing windows in the front of the house.

I find that that my mind races with ideas, but few are seldom done. I am repairing a very worn out quilt for my brother and sis in law. I am hand sewing blocks over blocks, which is very time consuming. However it's been one of my favorite projects, as I really enjoy hand sewing. Just a block or so each night and it is really coming together. But I must put it on my list to remind me!

I have lots of ideas for my yard. If I don't write them down, they slip right away. Making a list helps me to stay focused. I have a 19 cent composition book and a mechanical lead pencil, that I keep on the table next to my usual sitting spot.

If you were to look at the content, it would be a hodgepodge of words, lists, menus, etc. but for me, it's my focus!

About the time thing ...I have found plenty of time wasters in my day. Number one is Facebook, which I have gradually been pulling myself away from, thankfully. I do love Instagram photos, and follow many inspiring people there. Another thing that has been a time waster for me is eBay.

My daughter and I decided to clean out our closets on eBay. The first month was great and we made a little money. Then we got caught up in reselling....which meant I was spending entirely too much time going to thrift stores, looking for great items to resell. Yes, we struck gold on a few items, but a lot of things are being re-donated. I've decided this is not how I want to spend my days.

I want to be 'true to me'....doing things that are meaningful for myself and those I love. I need to spend more time in my Bible, with God. I need to pray more.

I need to walk all my dogs, especially my little overweight guy. He and I, both, need some exercise. I didn't retire to sit on the couch all day.

Sometimes it is easy to lose motivation. I pray , make lists, and I follow blogs that help to keep me motivated. Just the simple things....I'm not very interested in Magazine like homes, gourmet cooking, the latest fashion, art quilts...just the normal everyday stuff. I like regular homes that are run by regular people, plain old timey cooking, classic clothing that lasts forever, quilts like grandma made....does anyone get me?

I plan to update my blog roll with blogs that truly motivate. What are some of your favorites? What keeps you motivated?


Janet O. said...

Oh, I get you! Though I didn't have a job from which to retire, I know what you are talking about. I am a list maker and I get totally lost if I don't do it --I often prepare my list at night for the next day.
Blogging is my only media vice. I am not on Facebook, Instagram, or any of the others. I don't take magazines (except one my church puts out), my home and yard are real and lived in. I start each morning with prayer and scripture reading.
My clothing is not faddish (I love classic lines), my cooking is not gourmet, but I love a good, hearty home cooked meal. I am a traditional quilter, and I love classics in literature and movies.
My faith and my family are the most important things in my life. And I need to walk more. : )

Allie-oops Designs said...

Oh girl I TOTALLY get you - I'm lost without a list, it's the only way I can focus. I read something about creative women - our minds are like having thousands of tabs open in your browser all at once, all the time, and that's just how I feel. I need that list to keep my focus!! I'm trying to figure out my own time-wasters right now, Facebook is a biggie, Instagram, Pinterest...I need to pull back. I'd love to get back to blogging about normal stuff again, instead of waiting til I have a pattern ready, I really miss it but the ideas just aren't coming. I think I'll be pulling away from pattern-making as well....
One thing that's getting to me is that our new house is double the size of our last one, wow cleaning takes forever...I need a system! I spend too much time looking out the windows of my sewing room, the view never fails to delight, but honestly. FOCUS, lol!!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Yes it flying by! Lists do help and it feels good to check it off. I find it very hard to be motivated. I'm not bored but I'm not doing anything constructive. I don't like being this way. I get caught up reading blogs, going on Facebook and Pinterest. At least Pinterest motivates me to cook!

sunny said...

Ya know, I've gotten out of the habit of making lists, and I need to get back to it! You're right about how satisfying it is to cross something off the list. And many of my good intentions don't happen because they're not written down. FB is a huge time-waster! I rarely go on Pinterest unless I'm looking for a specific idea, and I only go to Instagram to see pics of my family. Good luck with all your good intentions! Have fun and don't take life too seriously.

Laura Lane said...

Oh, I've thought or done so many similar things. As a stay-at-home mom, I always have lots of thoughts of things to get done, but I seem to need urgency to motivate me. ~smile~

I like The Legacy of Home.

I'm so glad you stopped by Harvest Lane Cottage.
Do drop in again. I hope we will be blog friends.


Karen said...

I like your punched tin plant holder. Does the punched tin piece have a bottom to it?

Debbie said...

I can so relate to you. I keep a daily list and a "sitter list" of things that need to be done each day and things that I need to get done but may not fit into that particular day. This list in on my huge white board so that I can check things off as I do them and then erase those items that got done at the end of the day and keep the ones that did not get done there and just add the next day's stuff to that. I hope that makes sense. Some days I am able to get all the items on my daily list done and other days, I am lucky if I have the energy to even get 2 things done on it.

I'm not a fancy person by any means either. My cooking is good downhome food. My home is comfortable, functional and filled with love (and dog hair by the end of each day since our dog sheds like mad so daily sweeping is a must). My garden is not big or beautiful by any means but is has pockets of pretty flowers and we are able to grow some food for ourselves, the rest of our family and still share with friends too. I try to be real about my struggles and share my joys too. I try to stay positive most of the time but life is not always a bowl of cherries. ;) Be blessed!

Debbie J said...

Oh yes, Penny, count me in with all the other commenters who understand! I could have written this whole post, but it wouldn't have been as well written as yours. I am constantly trying to make to do lists, etc. and to figure out what I should be doing and what I want to do. I want what I do to be worthwhile. I'm always full of ideas!

.... and how'd it get to be almost the end of April?

I still have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. Can't get rid of it and don't really like it either. I have an Instagram account and twitter, but never do anything on them. I love pinterest though.

I always enjoy your posts.


Sew Blessed Maw [Judy] said...

Thank you for coming by my blog..
I so understand your retiring and how fast time is flying by..I too, am retired and the time is going so super fast.. I have been making to do list on my notebook too. smile.

With list , I seem to be able to get more done.. Love your idea, of adding one extra thing to my every day list.

We are having revival at church this week.. So have not got much done.. I am trying to read my bible every morning before getting started.. If I wait to the end of the day, the day is gone and it doesn't happen.. lIFE is fast..
Have a blessed day.

Me and My Stitches said...

I'm a list maker too, but I think I need to be more like you, and have a daily list. I also need to make myself do a little bit of cleaning every day, so it doesn't all need to be done at once. But, it seems that I would rather just stay in my sewing room all day!

Terra Hangen said...

I totally relate to your post; I am retired and I live by lists. Sometimes the lists are overwhelming but I like crossing off an item when done. I note you would like to spend more time reading your Bible; last year for the first time I read the entire Bible in a year and in an easy manner. I bought "ESV Daily Reading Bible: Through the Bible in a Year", only 15 or 20 minutes per day with OT and NT readings each day.

Mrs. Chrissy T said...

First...thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. *Smiles*

Second....I lose motivation as well. I do all you mentioned and struggle as well. I also like "real" blogs! Simple REAL life blogs.


lil red hen said...

Good morning, Pen Pen! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my two aprons. I find I get more done when there's a list to inspire me. I don't do Facebook or any of the other things that will waste my crafting time, which includes lots of ideas. I've read through some of your posts, and may I say, I loved Ida Annie. Do you make dolls too?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I hear you loud and clear! I actually posted about this last week, I am all of a sudden acutely aware of the swift passage of time! Making lists works for me... I try to plan each day with goals written down, there is something so satisfying about completing a task or project and crossing it off that list! Don't be discouraged, though, if you don't get it all done or if something interferes with your plan. Add it to tomorrow's list and thank God for your full and busy life. You're not alone. Pray for focus, I do that too!! God is listening...

Karen said...

The punch tin plant holder is a good decoration. I am drawn to punch tin items.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

I agree with you! And I like to make lists too! Nancy

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The thing that motivates me the MOST is accomplishing tasks! (Those that I want to do and those that I need to do!) I do find that spending more time focused on the task at hand and less time on the computer always results in a better outcome for me, personally. Happy retirement!

Laura Lane said...

Just read this post again. It inspired me in a whole new way. My days are different now that I'm going through chemo. I need to find my new normal. I've been drifting too much through time.

I'm going to make a very short list for myself today!

Be blessed,
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage