Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter 2015

It's been an icy and snowy week in our part of NC this week.

click to enlarge to see those sweet faces

Our grandchildren enjoyed time outside with their parents. 

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A sled full of sweetness!

Yesterday we had a surprise "blizzard" that lasted approx. 15 minutes.  Everything was so pretty.

I'll take the 15 minute blizzard any day, over what our northern friends have experienced this winter. 

We are now looking forward to spring!!


sunny said...

We had the 15 minute "blizzard" yesterday too! DH was out in it. I warned him, but he wouldn't believe me. He did make it home safely though. Looks like you little grandies are having a grand time!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Do you normally get snow? Definitely a sled full of sweetness!

approved said...

Your pics are beautiful.. so glad we didn't get the snow.. most of our ice is gone, but we will be COLD tonight...

Debbie J said...

Sweet pictures!

2015 NC blizzard.... We will rebuild!

Susan said...

I love that you had a 15 minute blizzard! That's so funny. Living in NY we've had our share of snow and really low temps, but before you know it, spring will be here and we'll be snapping photos of our flowers!