Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Walk in the Neighborhood

On my quest to get away from the computer, I have taken to getting out of the house more often.  On Monday, I took my three dogs on three separate walks in the neighborhood.

I only took my camera on the first trip because I knew I would probably need a blog picture or two.  ;)  Butterbean and I had only been out for a minute or two, before our neighbor came out to greet us.  Joyce is a sweet neighbor and if I had stayed in the house all day, we wouldn't have enjoyed seeing her again. (Joyce doesn't have dogs, but keeps doggie treats in her house for the neighborhood dog.... she is 'good people')

This is my favorite house in the neighborhood.  It belongs to Fred and Shirley.  One day I will ask if I can have a photo shoot there... the yard is spotless... no weeds, just beautiful flowerbeds.

Fred also has his own beehive boxes in the back.  He brought us a jar of his honey last year... Pole Cat Creek honey is delicious.  (the creek runs beside my house and behind his house)  Look how blue the sky was on Monday... glad I got outside to enjoy it.

This is a sneak peek of Barbara's yard.  I don't go into her yard with my dogs, because she has animals and I don't want to upset the neighborhood.  Barbara is probably one of the sweetest people I have ever met; I met her at Curves, where I go to exercise (when I go).  Barbara and her husband hire professionals to help out in their yard... it's incredible.  Can you see the fountain in her pond?
Terrible picture of my finger, I know... but can you see the two side by side drives leading up into the woods?  This is the end of the culdesac... there are two very private and nice homes up there, too.  The dogs and I were too tired to go up the lanes.
An interesting neighbor mailbox.  One day I would like to do a post on interesting mailboxes.  I have a very boring plastic mailbox that came with the house.  I see a lot of smashed mailboxes in the area, so I know the plastic is the best to have around here... but a mailbox like this might be harder to smash.  Good idea.
But, I gotta keep this post real... this is what most of our walk was about... lots of peeing and marking new territory.  I even took my plastic bags to clean up our messes.

So, what about you?  Have you been out and about in your neighborhood lately?


Karen said...

Nice walk and what a lovely neighborhood along with wonderful neighbors.
Thanks for taking us along today.
Wish I could walk that much...getting groceries is a chore for me...but I get around none the

ancient one said...

Glad you took your plastic bags... so many people don't. I got out of the house yesterday and walked from the heart center to the north tower. We ran into S. Arnold .. he was waiting for D. to have his MRI. I also walked part way to the pond by myself and I saw no one. LOL I'm glad I don't have to walk dogs.

sunny said...

I'm impressed! Not only did you take THREE walks, but you took time to stop and smell the roses(?)

Debbie J said...

You live in a beautiful neighborhood and have nice neighbors! I would love to keep dog treats on hand, if there was ever anybody walking with dogs.... but the highway is too busy for that. Good for you to get out and walk.

The sky was so beautiful with the white fluffy clouds that day!

Debbie J said...

Oh, I forgot to answer the question about getting out in the neighborhood. I don't walk in my neighborhood, because I live on a main highway, but have been walking in the town I work in everyday at lunch, since the weather has been being so beautiful. I should explore new neighborhoods, but usually just walk around the same block 2 or 3 times. Its still nice to get out of the office.

troutbirder said...

Nice walk. Fortunately we have a state park nearby with a trout stream. And many trails..... perfect!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your neighborhood looks lovely and I'm so glad your getting out. I haven't been walking around my neighborhood but I have left the house more this week then I normally do :)