Friday, February 22, 2013

Sewing and Grandbabies

It's been a busy week, but I did manage to get some sewing time in today.

I made this little mug rug/ mini quilt for a friend from church.  This sassy knitting lady is part of a panel by Loralie.  I have more sewing ladies that I plan to make a wall hanging with someday.  Loralie also has a nurse panel that I really need to purchase.  I can think of some fun gifts for some of my nurse friends.

 I finished the quilt top made from an Amy Bradley quilt panel that I purchased years ago.  These little faces make me smile every time I look at them.  I let Avery see this quilt yesterday and he decided the babies were all boys, even the one with the pink hair bow.... 'somebody put a hair bow on that boy's head.'

I spray painted this week, too.  I bought this wooden toolbox at Goodwill for 2.99.   It was flat brown and I painted it black. Now, what to put inside of it???  My brain is thinking embroidered mini pillows  and mini quilt block pillows.  Or fake fruit??  Ideas??

I watched the boys for a couple hours yesterday while their mommy worked on the zip line.  This was Avery's new trick....he decided  the cookie was his new mouth.  We spent quite some time yesterday, renaming our body parts.... our noses were rocks, our eyes were marbles, our ears were flowers, our hair was spaghetti, our feet were bricks, our arms were sticks, etc. etc.

This  little fellow is seven months old already!  This picture was taken just before he fell asleep in Grandma's lap.  Chandler truly lights up a room with his smiles and sweet nature!

Here he is just a few minutes later.... one precious baby!

Thank you for the kind words when I mentioned I had not been feeling well in January.  I had a little scare with my labwork and was worried about what elevated liver enzymes might mean for me.  (being a nurse, I always think the worse...over the past 29 years I have taken care of plenty of hepatitis and HIV patients, not to mention accidental needle sticks along the way)  However, I went back for repeat labs this week and all were normal.  I am feeling much better and hope whatever it was, is all behind me now.  Thanks again for your kindness. Bloggy friends are great!!


ancient one said...

Good Post!! Loved the whole thing and especially the last paragraph. Always love hearing from my babies.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

That mug rug is adorable but surely not as adorable as your grandson's! Love the baby quilt and I would use fruit. Pottery Barn makes the most realistic fruit I've even seen. Glad all is well with you. Enjoy your weekend.

Debbie J said...

Penny, you have two very sweet boys there! I know you enjoy them.

I love your sewing projects. The sewing ladies and the quilt with the "boys" are so cute.

I would have grabbed that wooden tool box too! There are lots of cute things you could put in it. Mini quilts! Instant gratification. You could roll up a few of them and stick in there.

Glad you are feeling better and that your labs are now normal. :o)

Karen said...

Good morning Penny...I so enjoy family posts...that picture with the straw going through the cookie is just too cute! One for his memory album. Oh and the sleeping one - don't you just love watching them when they sleep?
Glad your lab work came back okay - I can imagine how your mind was woring in overdrive...calm now, right???
I had to giggle at the quilt square ... that gal is a hoot.
Adorable baby/childs quilt.

Val said...

First, I am so happy that your tests came out normal. Praying for you. LOVE your mug rug and your quilt! But I really love that tool box! I am looking for something to put on my table and that would work perfect! I'll have to look for something like that. The best part of this post is your grands! They are beautiful.

Nancy Jo said...

Oh those babies, I do miss those chubby little legs and flintstone feet. To cute.
How big is that Box you got at good will? How about pinecones and a couple bags of poperie, a couple of little birds? Then buy a a little scented clove or cinnamon
spray. Im just saying.
Your quilting is so pretty, you are really good at that.
Nancy Jo

Libbie Doyle said...

Hey Peny You sure got a lot done!! & the boys ook so cute :) 7 months is a fun age!

Melody said...

So glad you are feeling better. What a fabulous post. Darling children and beautiful sewing.