Friday, July 6, 2012

From My Kitchen Sink

Good Morning from my kitchen sink!  Do you have a window over your kitchen sink?  We have lived in several homes since we were married and a couple of those houses did not have a window over the sink. I hated washing dishes if I couldn't look see outside a window!  I love the blue bottles and the blue birds in my window.  When the sun shines on this side of the house, I have blue sunbeams in certain areas of the kitchen.  It makes me smile.   The two blue bottles are old Milk of Magnesia bottles.  I work in a nursing home and have a pretty close relationship with Milk of Magnesia... it's still the drug of choice for constipation.  (!)  The little stained glass tulip was found at a consignment store for $1.  I love it!  The blue birds are from a collection I started through mail order over 20 years ago. (I was such a sucker for 'stuff')  I bought two pieces, the birds and a pretty flower (which I cannot find; I may have given it away), but the birds have always been my favorite. My son commented recently "Mom, you've had those birds a looong time."  He is 27 years old.   The ladybug  timer has been moved, she now resides on my quilting frame...see post below.  So, what's in your window?  Show us! 

**Baby update:  If Baby Chandler hasn't arrived by Monday, the doctor plans to induce his mommy's labor Monday night or Tuesday!! So, hopefully, by next week this time, I"ll be kissing on a brand new baby!**


  1. Loving on the new baby sounds so good!! I love the blue bottles and the blue birds...and your tulip... too bad I don't have a window over my sink.

  2. Your kitchen window is much prettier than the white and blue! I too love a kitchen window. My last house had one, but not over the sink, so I looked out toward the livingroom....the house before that had one, but it looked out to the driveway and the side of someone's house. My current one looks out to the backyard, which is better than any other view I have had.
    A new baby!!!! Nothing more exciting!!!

  3. Penny I love looking out my kitchen window. I love yours too. I will post a picture next week. I just put up new curtains there to block some of the heat! I have left it without curtains all this time.

    Can't wait to see the new baby. But not as much as you I bet!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Love your pretty blue glass, and I'm jealous, I don't have a window over my sink. :( Can't wait for pics of the new baby!

  5. Very exciting on the baby news!!!
    I love your window decorations and your view. My view is open to our family room. Our last house had a window at the sink. I would hate to look at a blank wall.

  6. Oh, the excitement of a new baby! How wonderful! Love your kitchen window pretties!

  7. Hi Penny,
    How pretty. Looking forward to hearing more news about the new baby.

  8. Very pretty. The stained glass looks so sweet over the window and I love glass of any color.

    I don't have a window over my sink. If we ever remodel I will!


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