Friday, May 4, 2012

Wal Mart quilt shop!

Have you checked out your local Wal Mart lately?

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when I visited our local Wal Mart to pick up a yard of white fabric.  (sewing for Baby Chandler, who will be here in two months!!) 

Our local Wal Mart had a huge selection of fabric at very good prices.  I know there is a huge debate about the quality of quilt shop fabrics versus department store fabrics,  but hey, I saw a lot of yummy looking fabrics in our store yesterday.

Not only did they have a huge selection of fabrics, but a large quilting notions section, as well as other sewing gadgets.  I remember when Wal Mart was going to do away with fabric altogether and couldn't believe it when I saw the remodel and the large sewing section. 

The lady who cut my fabric said there had been so many complaints from the public about closing the fabric section, that Wal Mart decided to bring it back....even bigger.  Yay!  Go Wal Mart!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful penny. My Wal mart hasn't done that yet.

Quilt Hollow said...

Around here folks can't afford quilt shop quality.

Samantha said...

All of the Wally Worlds around here got rid of the fabric section a few years back. Before I knew about the "difference" in quality of fabrics I bought a lot at Wally World. Years later, those quilts are still going strong and being used so I guess the quality wasn't THAT bad. LOL!

Wish our Walmart would bring fabric back so I had another option instead of the $11 a yard at the LQS now. I can't buy fabric at those prices so now I get most of my fabric online, but I like to touch and feel before I buy so buying online takes all of the fun out of it for me.

Debbie J said...

Hi Penny, I have bought more fabric at Walmart than anywhere else. 1. Its the only place around here; 2. Its cheaper; 3. I think most of the fabric is good quality.

Haven't bought much fabric lately. I've been trying to use what I have.

Can't wait to see what you are making for the new baby.

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Isn't this wonderful...our Walmart got their fabric back in September and this past week they got back their DMC...and it's only .30 cent a skein vs .39 at JoAnn's and .35 at Michaels.
What a blessing for all of us stitchers.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

I know our hasn't had a section with fabric in a long time. When they started adding groceries they took away many things. I will have to go check it out.

Sue said...

I'm happy to hear that! I'm going to Wal-Mart this afternoon and haven't been for awhile, so I'll check it out. It would be nice to afford the quilt store fabric, but aside from small projects, I just can't do it; so Wal-Mart it is!

Fabric Mom said...

Yeah Wal-Mart! Ours has a huge section and some pretty descent fabrics at a good price!

Sherry said...

Some of the WalMarts in my area have brought the sewing depts. back. . .but some of them haven't.

Nancy Jo said...

hI pen pen,
I see you are really into the quilting and sewing. Good for you. material can be addicting.
Oh a new baby, that is just to exciting. Our four Grand daughters were pretty much in a row, so we had babies for a few years. Now we don't. I miss those little fred flintstone feet.
I would love that house too in the other post, so pretty.

Tracy said...

I was so mad when they did away with the craft section at Walmart. That was my favorite part of my trip, cruising up and down the aisles to see what was new. I bought plenty of fabric there too, over the years and never had any problem with it. I'm glad it's coming back.