Friday, October 28, 2011

Is this what it's like?

Last night when I went to work, I realized I wasn't seeing very well.  Thankfully, I had a pair of reading glasses with me and was able to function.  Eventually, I realized I didn't have my 'bifocal' contact lense on my eye.  Hmmmm.... honest mistake I guess.  (though I was puzzled) After I got home from work, I started checking out my contact situation, trying to figure out how I went to work without my trusty bifocal.  I tried on four different contacts that I already had open and none of them worked.  My first thought was that I had received the wrong contacts when I reordered last week.  Upon further inspection, the only box of contacts I could find was my old box and they weren't bifocals.  hmmm... what did I do with that new box of contacts?  I searched and searched and searched.  The trash was already at the curb for Friday's pickup, but I convinced hubby to retrieve the garbage can for me at 1:30 am.  He and I sat in the garage and dug through baby diapers, coffee grounds, chicken packaging, etc.  (you get the picture), looking for my new box of contacts.  (he was gagging and I was giggling)  Anyway, they were not to be found.  As he took the garbage can back to the curb, I looked in a kitchen drawer, that I had already looked in two times before, and there they were!!!  Am I losing it??

Not only that, I am very clumsy these days.  I tripped over the dachshund on Wednesday, landing flat on my back in the kitchen.  It scared the grandbaby and he cried. I went to visit my daughter last week at her new apartment and fell backwards over her end table when her huge dog jumped up to greet me.  Hubby says I need to exercise to regain strength and balance.  I'm thinking about rejoining Curves next week.  Did I tell you I also hip problems??  How will I ever function at Curves?

Female things are happening and I am very scatter brained these days.  Is this menopause?  Will it get better when menopause is over.... say like .... ten years from now?  Any advice?  Any encouragement?  Wow, who knew things could change so fast?  :o( 


Melissa said...

Oh, Penny! Do be careful! As for the forgetting, I think that is nature's way of saying "SLOW DOWN". I have done that sort of thing many times! You should check out Tonya's post ( She may well be able to commiserate!

KC Quilter said...

Welcome to MY world LOL!

Mrs. E said...

Hi Penny,
There is a test the dr can do to see if it is menopause. Sure sounds like it. I am done with menopause however my dr says that after it is over it takes a couple years for the body to get use to not having those extra hormones. He doesn't believe in the replacement. He says nature will take it course and all will settle down in time. The changes in my body is part of the medical problems I am having. Somedays my brain is so foggy and I get so over whelmed very easy. Bottom line it does get better in time.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Came over from Melissa sharing. Is this menopause that is causing this?? Because I lost the car keys too. I was driving, walked around to the back seat to unload them and lost them. My teen had to find them for me. They were in a book bag...I don't remember putting them there from the front seat to the back!

ancient one said...

Hummm about the falling. Are you taking any new meds? I know that probably did scare your grandchild. It scares me just to hear about it. Did your husband tell you I called last night?

Not too long ago, I had to go through the trash. I had picked up your dad's meds from the drug store and put them in the tray he keeps his meds in. Well he gets to looking and says I must have thrown one bottle of his pills away. So I go through the trash. When I got the bag that his pills came in, then he realized he only got two filled and he thought he had filled three. Whew, I was sweating thinking I had thrown that valuable medicine away !!

If it is menpause, it will get better. Please be careful. luv ya!

Pen Pen said...

Hillbilly Tonya; I did something similar with my keys the other day. I was at hobby lobby measuring the back of my SUV to see if a shelf that I wanted to buy, would fit inside my car. When I finished, I couldn't find my keys. I finally found them in the storage pocket behind the front passenger seat. I had dropped them down in there while measuring, but sure don't remember doing it!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Boy Pen pen, you better lay down. Maybe the tripping all over the place had something to do with the mix up in the eyeware. Just a thought.
How have you been,, you know besides the blindness and the falling? How is the little guy? I finalyy got back on blog, but can't remember how to post pictures. I got one on there but don't know how I did it. Have to wrok on that.

Nancy Jo

Debby@Just Breathe said...

What's really sad is that I asked my doctor when it would be over, he said they really don't know.
Maybe curves will actually help your hip after awhile. I never felt really scatter brained but I know I was tired of cooking and cleaning. ((HUGS))

Libbie said...

Oh Penny...I can't wait :) I have my own girly thing s :) Different ones at every age aren't there?!!! I can see your hubby digging through that THAT is love...maes us love 'em even more doesn't it! GLAD YOU FOUND 'eM!

Libbie said...

Hi Penny! Thanks for the sweet comments about the kiddos! Actually I was wondering how you would like your book signed :) To Avery? :) I want to send you a copy of the Jonah book because I LOVE you! You blessed my famliy & this is a tiny way to show you how much that meant! If you just wanna email me exaclty how you'd like Andy to sign it I would love that! Thanks Penny! (I have your address so no prob on that :)

Mrs. Mobunny said...

....come to think of it....I don't know that I'm gracefully growing old either.....I don't fall but I'm always *fixing* to.