Friday, February 18, 2011

Doing stuff

I am so impressed by what you full time working girls are able to get done during your time away from work. My sweet boss has given me back my old part time schedule, where I have 7 days off in a row, every other week. If some of you girls had that much time off, you would probably find a cure for cancer, or something great like that. I know Debbie J. would make at least two quilts a week! :o) I had great plans with my last week off, and then I got sick with the flu bug.... so nothing got done. (good thing I didn't have to call in sick, right?) Starting tomorrow, I have another week off and I plan to get stuff done!!!

1. Finish the yo yo spread.... paint frame... and have hanging by the end of next week!
2. Work on new wall hanging that I have cut out already... maybe finish???
3. If the weather is nice, clean flower beds by back patio.
4. Walk!!! Take dogs for a walk. (my b/p is up and doctor put me on medication. I'm sick about this and am determined to exercise, lose weight and get OFF b/p meds)
Okay, I can't let my list get too long, as I don't want to overwhelm myself. ha! I just wish I had the drive that some of you "over achievers" have... I need lessons!! I know the number one thing to do is : get off the computer! :o)
Updates soon! Something WILL get done!


Debbie J said...

I wish I could get way more done than I do!! I have been trying to work on something every night.... but no housework is getting done. got dressed out of the laundry basket all week. I know you will get all your to do list done!!

ancient one said...

You must have a few of your dad's genes... if you got it all from me... forget it... We have a new fence up and next he's going to replace the mulch and I'm going to replant the iris...LOL

Kristi said...

Sounds like a good list! I need to make a list. I have some projects I would like ot accomplish too. You might have inspired me. LOL


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

overacheiving is over-rated....and being sick on your days off sucks...LOL
Good for you and yoour boss to have come to a good shecudule..I'm working a 4 day week now..I have Wednesdays off so as bad (or as boring) my work week is, I can handle 2 days at a time!
Good luck with your projects!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I use to do it all when my children were young and it amazes me that women can actually blog with children! If I would have tried to blog with children you would never see me.

Sounds like you have a pretty good schedule.