Monday, July 27, 2009


I have a large crabapple tree just outside my back door. When we first moved in, we thought it was a persimmon tree, but later realized those little things were crabapples. The tree is beautiful in the spring when it blooms... it is usually loaded with pink flowers and it's one of my favorite spring time sights. I've never really understood why anyone would want a crabapple tree, as the fruit is not really edible. However, I looked up crabapples online today, and saw where people actually use them with regular apples to make cider and jams. My dogs love them, and think it's a treat to be able to "sneak" them inside the house when they come back inside. I used to take the crabapples from them, but after I realized they don't actually eat them, I started letting them have the apples. They toss them around and play with them in the floor, until I decide I have too many crabapples in the floor. They don't mind when I throw them away, as they know there are more just outside the door. Yesterday my son and daughter in law brought sweet little visitors with them when they came over. These two little boys are their nephews and I found out that little boys also like crabapples. The only toys I have around my house are dog toys, so the boys had to find something else to entertain themselves with. Crabapples!
I posted the wrong picture, but this is Andrew underneath the crabapple tree, checking out my frog. I have one picture with him and the frog, where he has a crabapple in his hand. Andrew is the only one short enough to stand underneath the tree, as it grows very low to the ground. Too bad he wasn't strong enough to pull up all the "volunteer" crabapple trees that have popped up. That's a very hard job for me... crawling underneath the tree to pull baby trees.

Matthew has his shirt full of crabapples here. He stood on the steps and threw the crabapples as far as he could throw. He has quite an arm for a little guy! Can you see the crabapples in his folded up shirt?

Here's a picture of the whole tree, so now you can see how little Andrew is, to be able to stand underneath it.

Look at all the crabapples! I am amazed at how many are on the tree this year.... a bumper crop! Too bad we can't eat them. :o) I hope the tree lives for many many years, as I want my future grandchildren to collect and throw crabapples on a Sunday afternoon, too. Yesterday was a good day. :o) Thank you Ashley and Will!


ancient one said...

I know you enjoyed those little guys... Bobbi and I are looking forward to our great-grandchild... You keep on playing with the nephews and you will have great ideas for the grandchild...LOL

Debbie J. said...

They do look like fun for little boys. My nephews throw nandina berries at my mother's house. I bet that tree is pretty in early spring.