Friday, October 3, 2008

Time to cook!

The weather is cooler and the kitchen is calling. Does cooler weather make you want to get into the kitchen? I made beef stew and a pot of dried beans last weekend. I've been thinking of apple cake, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, soups and stews, and other yummy fall foods. A lot of churches have their annual "homecoming" this time of year, when all the ladies cook and bring their favorite dishes to share with others. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and of course, there will be great food and fun! Then Christmas will be here.... more time in the kitchen for lots of good food, cakes, and candies! I love this time of year... I love food and family! I read through old cookbooks last weekend, looking for new ideas and recipes. I have several books that were printed in the 1950's and the recipes seem more "natural" and "homey" than a lot of the recipes printed today, that call for so many prepackaged foods and mixes. I would love to have more available time in the kitchen, to plan and truly cook for my family, instead of just throwing something together in a hurry, like we seem to do so often with our busy lifestyles. What about you? What's different in your kitchen this time of year?


Kim said...

I'm glad I have already eaten dinner otherwise your post would have me binging for sure! We just had homecoming last weekend and the food (as always) was sooo tasty. You just can't beat an older, wiser woman's cooking. They never measure they just mix a little this and a little that and it always comes out delicious. I'm heading to the kitchen now to make a chocolate cake and peach cobbler for our supper six dinner tomorrow night. And . . . I'm a little hungry again!

ancient one said...

So, on Wednesday, I cooked beef stew and a big pan of stew fried okra... no breading, just cut up cooked in a little olive oil and salt and pepper with a lid on the pan. I'm still trying to get that taste that I remember in Aunt Jiggs fried okra. Wednesday night was the closest.

Debbie J. said...

I agree with you, the kitchen is calling! Today I've got a big pot of chili going to eat while watching NCSU play at noon. I'm thinking about making some fried cornbread to go with it and I'm making a big pan of lasagna cause my son doesn't like chili.

Tomorrow I will make my first sweet potatoe casserole of the fall. Hubby brought home a few fresh ones.

I'm off to light a fall scented candle and eat!

Utah Grammie said...

I love all things fall - even the "fall foods" - we do a lot of crock-pot ones. I love sweet potatoes in almost any way you cook them. because Mr. B does the cooking, I sometimes just have fun baking and playing in the kitchen.
Have a GREAT fall week!

tdcakes said...

Chicken and pastry....homemade vegetable soup.....cornbread baked in the iron skillet with butter and homemade preserves.....stew beef, candied yams, potato salad and homemade biscuts!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!! Comfort foods!!!