Thursday, September 13, 2007

What makes you smile?

Do you have little things around your house that are there for you... just you.... because they make you smile? This is one of my little smile makers for myself. I made the basket years ago and bought the two raggedy heads at a shop where my daughter works. Having no idea what I would do with those two heads, I just placed them inside the basket and hung them on my laundry room door. They've been there for over a year now and still make me smile when I stop to look at them.


Rose Mary said...

How sweet. They made me smile, too! Hope you are having a great week.

ancient one said...

Yep, if you really look at them you cannot help smiling. I have that big picture of the boats in the fog hanging in my laundry room. My husband doesn't like it hung anywhere, so I put it there, and can still get a feeling of being in Oriental NC... (a teenage memory!)

Debbie J. said...

They are really sweet and cute and make me smile. Great basket too! I have things too that make me smile, that no one else understands. Its a "heart" thing.

I'll be posting a picture of a homemade Raggedy Andy this weekend, that a friend's mom made for Dylan. Its bigger than he is. I get the impression that you and your Mom like Raggedys!