Friday, May 18, 2007

Coastal Dreaming

I am eagerly awaiting our summer vacation on the coast of NC. We are renting an ocean front condo again this year and I can hardly wait to get there. We will be going in late July and I hope to take along some of my sewing projects to work on while sitting on the porch. I can just imagine myself, sewing away, while listening to the sounds of the ocean and glancing up every now and then to view the beautiful scenery. If it is too windy, I can still see the ocean from the livingroom. This picture was taken last year of my daughter, April, while we were on vacation.


Nancy Jo said...

Hey PenPen,
Guess what my youngest daughter's name is-APRIL!
What a nice trip you will be having, I'am very jealous, but happy for you. You deserve a break. nursing is hard work.
I HAD to go to a couple garage sales this morning so of course posted a couple of pictures.
So proud of you for posting on your site again, and your April is a cutie pie.

RoseMary said...

What a lovely trip you have planned! I've always wanted to see the ocean from those beaches. The view from your condo will probably be beautiful. Your daughter is so pretty!

Mrs. G said...

we have so many friends who love to vacation on the NC Coast...maybe we should try it one of these days :)

Your daughter is lovely & congrats on your son's engagement...and love that bowling ball!

Thanks for dropping by :)

Chris said...

My brother lives in NC and we had a vacation with him on the coast. What a great time! Have fun.

Nancy Jo said...

good morning pen pen.
nancy jo

Day4plus said...

Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Happiness to the two happy couples. And YES Nancy Jo is a truely dear person. visit again. MaryBeth


I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation. See you when you return. connie from Texas

Nancy Jo said...

Hi pen pen,
Do you have the weekend off or are you working? Bet you wish you could be at the beach, I wish yo could too.
Hope all is happy in your world, all fine here.

Beach Girl said...

And where are you going on the coast? If it's near me, I'd love to meet you!