Saturday, July 15, 2017

A New Day

After yesterday's post and all the sweet comments, I figured I would do another just to say that I really am ok.

I have so much to be thankful for and I know this.   I've been very emotional;  I even tear up and sometimes cry when I see pictures of animals who need homes on facebook.  (I really wish people wouldn' t put the sad animal posts on fb.  Truthfully, a lot of of my sadness probably comes from fb.... that's another deep thought)

I'm at 'that' age when women's emotions sometimes go crazy.  And I know this.  I keep reminding myself that 'this too shall pass.'  God is very good!

Peas and pastry (or dumplings)

I made peas and pastry yesterday.  I had never even heard of this until I was visiting a home health patient one day and this is what she was cooking.  I use a box of chicken broth, a bag of frozen peas, and add store bought pastry strips.  Add salt and pepper and it really is yum.  It's a comfort food for me and it brings back a fond memory of my sweet little patient.  We had this with bratwurst sausage for supper last night... easy and good.

$1.39 panel
Those who know me, know that I love Goodwill.  I found this long window scarf recently for $1.39.  It works  perfectly in my guest bedroom and we were able to get it hung before the kids visited last week.  The curtain rod costs more than the curtain.... love that!

close up
Here's a close up to better see the color.  I love checks and I love blue.... perfect for me! Thanks to whoever donated it.

As far as  I know, I don't need to leave home today.  I plan to clean the floors then spend the rest of my day in the sewing room.  It's supposed to rain later, so it sounds like a perfect day.

Everybody have a great weekend!

Friday, July 14, 2017

An emotional week

What a week this has been!

It started out as a fun visit from these guys and their parents.  Their dad was a little stressed by the time they left, and we ended up having a few  hurtful words that hurt both our feelings.  Sometimes I think I must be a horrible person.  

Then this happened.  We were notified that one of our family members was killed in the plane crash.  I had just met these people a couple months ago.  (hubby's cousins)  Such a sad day.

On the same day, we found out that another cousin would be having surgery for colon cancer this week.  My mom died of colon cancer this month, two years ago.  My emotions have been all over the place.

A friend of the family , who is very ill, physically and mentally, was found in a ditch this week, naked, without his artificial leg, and confused.  He is still in the hospital.

Another friend who is going through chemo treatments for bladder cancer, posted a selfie on Facebook this week.  It made me so sad.  She looks so sick.

I have made an appointment for my dad, to have his long time faithful companion, Missy, put to sleep on Monday.  She is old, she has gone blind and deaf, is barely eating enough to keep her alive,  and she sleeps outside in the hot garage.  I'm sure she is miserable.  This will happen on Monday.  I've never been a part of having an animal put to sleep.

We reconnected with old friends last week, which ended up bringing up a bad memory for all.  Funny how we remember the 'bad' more than all the 'good'.

I'm not looking for sympathy. I'm just documenting the week, trying to sort out some feelings.

God  has always been and is still in control.  This I know.

Friday, June 30, 2017

My week in pictures

Monday was this:

I received more corn and froze two dozen ears.  This little brush was given to my by my daughter; one she had received as a wedding gift and had no idea what to do with it.  I looked it up and I think the original plan was to use the straw as cake testers to make sure a cake was finished baking.   I have always used it to scrub the silks off my corn... works perfectly.

a trip to Sam's. Peanut butter is on sale this month.

Silver Queen corn from Mr. Donald C.

Tuesday was a day spent on the couch with a stomach bug.  Nothing got marked off my list that day.

On Wednesday I went to Michael's and found a summer wreath for my door.  I spent a little time cleaning the doors and entry way, added a couple flags to my wreath, and Happy 4th of July!  I used to make my wreaths and still hope to get back to that one day.  However, with Michael's 60% off sale, I have learned that I cannot buy all the flowers, ribbon, etc to make a wreath for those prices.  Granted I would have had leftover material to make another, but I tend to rarely use up my scrap ribbons.

I also stopped and bought a fresh geranium and a few perennials

On Thursday I spent most of my day cleaning house.  It was so nice to sit back yesterday afternoon and work on this without feeling guilty because the house was dirty.

Remember in a recent post, I said something about making pretties to use?  Well here I go, embroidering a pretty dish towel for myself.  I stopped by Hobby Lobby on Monday and used my 40% coupon to buy two dish towels.  I had not seen this particular towel design there before.  It feels loosely woven, but oh so soft, so I used a stabilizer on the back.  I'm curious to see how this will wash up and dry in the dryer.

I have plenty of housework that still needs doing, but I tend to ignore my sewing room and my unfinished guest room, that also doubles as hubby's closet for work clothes.  I usually run in there and straighten the room when I know that guests are coming.  This is definitely a near future project, as I am getting serious about wanting a 'put together' room.

my sweet Mama
I have a small collection of Willow Tree angels that always seem to get lost in the shuffle of decorating.  I think I have finally found their home.  The pretty box contains letters from my Sweet Mama and that's her high school picture in the frame.  I scattered the angels around and now I'm ready to collect more!  I sure do miss my Mama.

Happy 4th of July to everyone and stay safe!

Monday, June 26, 2017

A month of grandbabies

Grandma's surprise

A few weeks ago, I planted myself on the couch to take my daily afternoon nap.  Hubby was at work so I knew I had plenty of time for an uninterrupted nap.  I had only been down for a few minutes when I heard the front door open (I thought I had locked it).  I yelled "are you home already?"  I heard the sweet voice of my TN daughter saying "We are! and we are here for two weeks!"  What a great surprise!  I had no idea and they arrived just before Mother's Day.... my April and my Annabelle.  I had not seen them since Christmas, so it was just the most perfect Mother's Day surprise.

It was so cute because Annabelle (now 2 years old) sensed all the excitement in the room, and she danced around and shouted excitement with us!

Then after this little guy graduated from preschool, he called me on the phone one day to let me know he was out of school for summer vacation.  (he is my facetime buddy) He wanted to know if he could spend a week with Grandma.  Of course!! His mom drove for 1.5 hours and I drove for 1.5 hours and we met in Raleigh, so I could bring this precious sweetie home with me for the week.  Papa took us out on the boat, which was really fun.

Before the week was over with Chandler, this big guy called me to tell me he would be out of school later that week.  He wanted to know if he could come home with me when we brought Chandler back to Raleigh the next week.  Of course!!  So I had another fun week with another sweet soul.  

Taken at Chan's  preschool graduation
The little girl in the pink dress (Brinley Kate) hasn't had her turn yet, as her family is heading to the beach this week.  But soon will be her turn to come stay with Grandma and Papa for a few days.

Grandma was actually thankful for the break, because as much fun as it was, Grandma was exhausted!!  God knew what he was doing when he made raising children a young woman's job.  ha ha
Fishing at granddaddy's pond

Supper the first night he was here!

Annabelle left her little pool here, they all enjoyed it!

Mother's Day
Its been a great summer so far!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Testing 1 2 3

Hello out there!  I'm trying a different way of blogging today.  I hope it works, because I miss posting.  I still read blogs most everyday and I love seeing what everyone is up to this summer.
Just a funny Annabelle picture

Since my last post on trying to make lists and get more done, I have to say life has been going better.  I'm not where I want to be, but I have managed to get a few more things checked off my list.  Since I gave up ebaying, I no longer feel the urgency to check the thrift stores several times a week.

I'm trying to keep my 'leaving the house" days to a minimum.  My goal is to only leave two times a week on a normal week.   I feel much more relaxed and can get so much more done on days that I can stay home all day.

I made zucchini muffins this morning using this recipe:  (I hope you can enlarge it if interested)

It's one I found on Pinterest and this is my second time making them.   A nice old timey recipe that is very good.

I made six jumbo muffins and two miniature bundt cakes.  I only have two of the bundt cake pans, but hope to get a few more soon.  These make nice little gifts, especially for single people or couples.

Notice this dish towel.  It's one I embroidered for my grandmother several years ago.  After she died, it was returned to me.... unused.... even though I had told her to please use it.

Once it was returned to me, I thought how silly for us to make pretty things, but never use them.  I have put the towel to good use and think of her when I pull this one from the drawer.  That's another thing I want to do for myself; embroider more pretty dish towels.  I will enjoy them and I know my grandchildren will like them when they visit.

Avery, Chandler, Annabelle, Brinley Kate

Speaking of grandchildren, here they are in a picture we took at Chandler's preschool graduation in May. (He's the cute guy in the necktie)  Annabelle (in green dress) was here visiting with her mom from TN, so it was a rare occasion to get a photo of all my grand's in one photo.

It's been a great summer so far!  I hope yours is going well too.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Hello, it's April

Do you ever feel like time is slipping away? Since I retired from my paying job, it seems time is flying by for me.

I have really been thinking about how I use my time. Am I doing anything worthwhile?

I find that if i if I make lists, I do accomplish more each day. There is something very gratifying about checking a task off a list.

I have my routine chores each and every day, but I am trying to add just one thing each day that doesn't have to be done daily. Today I will be washing windows in the front of the house.

I find that that my mind races with ideas, but few are seldom done. I am repairing a very worn out quilt for my brother and sis in law. I am hand sewing blocks over blocks, which is very time consuming. However it's been one of my favorite projects, as I really enjoy hand sewing. Just a block or so each night and it is really coming together. But I must put it on my list to remind me!

I have lots of ideas for my yard. If I don't write them down, they slip right away. Making a list helps me to stay focused. I have a 19 cent composition book and a mechanical lead pencil, that I keep on the table next to my usual sitting spot.

If you were to look at the content, it would be a hodgepodge of words, lists, menus, etc. but for me, it's my focus!

About the time thing ...I have found plenty of time wasters in my day. Number one is Facebook, which I have gradually been pulling myself away from, thankfully. I do love Instagram photos, and follow many inspiring people there. Another thing that has been a time waster for me is eBay.

My daughter and I decided to clean out our closets on eBay. The first month was great and we made a little money. Then we got caught up in reselling....which meant I was spending entirely too much time going to thrift stores, looking for great items to resell. Yes, we struck gold on a few items, but a lot of things are being re-donated. I've decided this is not how I want to spend my days.

I want to be 'true to me'....doing things that are meaningful for myself and those I love. I need to spend more time in my Bible, with God. I need to pray more.

I need to walk all my dogs, especially my little overweight guy. He and I, both, need some exercise. I didn't retire to sit on the couch all day.

Sometimes it is easy to lose motivation. I pray , make lists, and I follow blogs that help to keep me motivated. Just the simple things....I'm not very interested in Magazine like homes, gourmet cooking, the latest fashion, art quilts...just the normal everyday stuff. I like regular homes that are run by regular people, plain old timey cooking, classic clothing that lasts forever, quilts like grandma made....does anyone get me?

I plan to update my blog roll with blogs that truly motivate. What are some of your favorites? What keeps you motivated?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Easy manicures

I've never been a huge fingernail person, meaning I go through phases of growing my nails and having them professionally manicured.

But most of the time , I bite my nails. Horror of horrors! Especially knowing some of the things my nails have touched (as a nurse and a doggy mom)

Now that I have retired, I have decided I must do better! I really like professional manicures, but not the cost, upkeep, and the way they trim my cuticles. (Cuticles look good for a day or two, then hangnails like crazy develop when the skin starts to grow back!)

Did I mention I have a toe nail fungus that I'm sure I caught from a salon? After two rounds of help from my dermatologist, that seems to be resolving too.

So so what's a girl to do when she wants cute nails, but doesn't want to use a salon?

Do them myself !

My friend, Rita, sent samples of Jamberry nail wraps. See my first attempt. Two wraps, nail polish on other nails.

I do do not have a steady hand to paint, so I ordered a whole set of wraps.

The white stuff you see is lotion. But let me tell you, I am sold on this product. So easy and cute enough!!

I will try the less expensive wraps from discount stores too. My Jamberry wraps stayed on better than polish and that was even with sealing gloves!

I havent tried them on my toenails yet, but plan to later this week. I have given myself a pedicure, however, and have decided to do that myself for awhile too. It must be much healthier than sharing bowls with others.

So there you have new project/hobby. Bonus: I'm not biting my nails!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Phone blogging ...continued

ok so my last post took forever and it's missing the last photo:

This is my son and his family's new home. They moved in just before Christmas.

Hello March!

Hello March!
I had such big plans for getting things done this year. My list is still ongoing, but we have been cooped up in my overcrowded sewing room for almost a month now.

I did finish my Daddy's new barn quilt

We are having tile installed in our main living areas, which has taken longer than we had planned. We have been sitting in the sewing room as a make shift den. We are getting tired of sitting in two glider rockers only. I miss stretching out on my couch!

Our grouting began today.... I think the wait will have been worth it!! I'm excited about our new floors!

I did finish Ida Annie!

Below is our Thomasville crew. They have moved into their new home.

Annabelle .. almost two years old

Annabelle has been enjoying some early Tennessee sunshine.

Picture below is the new house just before the Thomasville  crowd moved in.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas Quilts

When I found out my grandsons were still using their baby quilts, I knew I had to spring into action to make new quilts. Chandler's baby quilt barely covered his 4 year old body.

So I finished them both before Christmas, using mostly scraps from other projects. These are large enough, they should last for awhile as they grow. Both boys were happy with their new quilts.