Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Sweet Visit to Tennessee

April, Annabelle, and my Daddy

I kidnapped my daddy and my three year old grandson, Chandler, and we took a trip to Tennessee.

It was so much fun!  My daddy had never  been to Tennessee and I couldn't believe I convinced him to leave his home for a few days.  We had not seen Annabelle since before Christmas and it was wonderful to get our hands on her again.  She was such a sweet and funny baby, who welcomed us into her home and entertained us to no end.  Chandler was a great travel buddy and he and Annabelle became fast friends. 
Brinley and her daddy, Will

Before we made our trip to TN, we stopped in High Point to celebrate this sweet girl's birthday.  Brinley turned two!  She is one sweet baby and cried big crocodile tears when we took her brother with us, and she didn't get to go, too.  :(  Grandma wants a Brinley-Grandma day soon!

**this is another post from my phone, but I did find my camera charger!! woo hoo!  Hopefully, my posts will be better soon**


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Sounds like you had an amazing trip. So glad your dad joined you and Chandler. Now you owe Brinley that grandma day!

Debbie J said...

That was a wonderful trip! So nice for you to go somewhere special with your daddy. He sounds like me in that he is a homebody, but when I do go away, I'm always glad I did. I can't believe how big your grandbabies are getting. You have a sweet family.