Sunday, April 12, 2015

My busy world

Papa and I made a trip to TN to meet our newest granddaughter:  Annabelle.  Can I just say that she is beautiful????  Grandma was sick with a yucky sinus issue the whole time we visited, so I wouldn't kiss on her.  I'm hoping to go back very soon for our 'first kiss'. 

Grandma also made a difficult decision to go back to work last month.  I have gone from working every other weekend to now working 30 hours a week.... for insurance.   Insurance stinks!  Something we all need, but has gotten outrageously expensive for me. 

On a positive note, I am not feeling as lazy since I've gone back to work.  My days off are spent doing things that must be done.  I had spent too many years just lying around the house, on and off the computer all day, putting off chores that could wait just another day, getting little to no exercise... I can already tell I have more energy than before.  Don't get me wrong, this ole girl is tired at the end of a shift, but it's a good tired.  I hope I can keep this up for awhile.

On a negative note, working is cutting into my sewing time.  I have two projects that need to be done soon and I haven't found the time to work on them yet.  I'll figure it out.... there's nothing like working under pressure, right?

I hope all is well in your world!


sunny said...

How special - getting to see your new grandy for the first time! Sorry you had to go back to work - but if you can get insurance by only working 30 hours per week, that's pretty nice. Insurance is the reason I have to go back to work, and SOON! You'll find time for sewing, because it's so important!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to experience the joy someday of holding a grandchild. Sorry you were not feeling well. Hope that first kiss comes soon! Yes insurance is a necessary part of our lives. Glad that you are actually more motivated. Since I have been home for about 5 years now I have become very lazy. Guess I better get back to work!!!

Debbie J said...

What a beautiful picture of the love you have for little Annabelle! Love it.

Insurance is eating us up here. I would love to retire early, but I just don't think we could afford to pay the insurance.

The only way I can get any sewing done is to sew a little in the mornings and a little at night.

approved said...

I know you can't wait to go back to see our baby.. The picture today made her look like she had grown so much. Luv ya!

approved said...

approved is your mama

Karen Martinsen said...

Oh my goodness I certainly have missed A LOT of wonderful happenings in your little world.

Congratulations on that gorgeous adorable baby granddaughter - could she be any cuter?

Your entire family is just beautiful.
I did take a tour back about a year or more on your blog to see just what I have been, lots of quilt making and lots of family fun.

It is amazing how 'being busy' makes one have more energy but it is so true. Some days I'm dragging but I will 'need' to go do something and after a bit I don't even remember that I was pooped before I started.


Debbie Huffaker said...

Oh, may I ask where in Tennessee? I live in TN, too!!!