Sunday, February 1, 2015

More Baby Sewing

I spent my Saturday finishing up burp cloths for Annabelle.

These are from  'leftover' fabrics  that had been used to make cloths for cousins.

And then I made seven more, made from fabrics  picked out just for Annabelle. 

Long story:  my daughter lives 8 hours away and will not be able to come home for a family baby shower.  Instead, we are trying to help her put her nursery together, via long distance.  It's been fun, but I surely do wish we lived closer.  I'm planning to make a trip to TN in two weeks to help her 'nest'.  *sigh*  She will have a smallish shower in TN next weekend.  After that, we can get serious about finishing up her nursery and making sure she has what she needs.  Truth is:  it doesn't take that much to prepare for bringing a new baby home.  However, baby magazines and the big box baby stores make people think they 'need' all kinds of expensive gadgets!  Thankfully, our daughter is a simple kind of girl, who realizes these things.  :)


Debbie J said...

I love the burp cloths Pen. They are great and you are such a good Mama!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I love what you have made for her. I'm thrilled for all of you!!!!

Debbie J said...

Testing my comments since I changed my email!

Have a great day penny.

Linda Shields said...

Eight hours is a long drive, especially with a baby. But it is at least doable. My grandchildren live a whole day's flight away. :-(. So it could be worse. I do love the sweet fabrics, and loved the quilt photos on your last post!

sunny said...

Isn't it fun to make things for such a special little person! She will be surrounded by your love, even when you're not there.

Mrs. White said...

The cloths are beautiful!