Saturday, June 28, 2014

M4 goals for July

I am a list maker, for sure.  Sometimes they work for me, sometimes not so much.  I have a dry erase board that I write on during the week, so hubby and I can keep track of each other and what we have to do each week.  (it's an age thing, I'm sure... we don't even know what day it is half the time!!)

For years I have been collecting patterns, fabric, books, etc. for 'one day'.  You know, one day when I have time.. .  well, you know what?  One day is here!!! I have no excuse for not getting more done!!  I have so much time these days... free time... to do just as I please.  Back when I was collecting all these dreamy treasures of fabric, patterns, etc. , I never dreamed that something like a computer would rob my time from me.  I have gotten a lot better, as the computer doesn't have the same 'pull' on me that it used to have.

I did accomplish a couple of quilty things in June:

Abel's quilt (post below this one) I finished up the binding last night.

Savannah's quilt

It's amazing what you can do, when you set your mind to it. 

So, I am linking up with Kathi at Design Originals by KC, to plan a few July goals. 

  • July goals:
1. Finish binding on this quilt:
Yes, I have this top completed and quilted.  It's been sitting for months, waiting to have the binding sewn on.  Hubby keeps asking me when I'm going to make a quilt for 'us'... this will be the one.
2.  Put in a few  hand stitches on this quilt. I am so CLOSE to finishing!
3.  And start on one of my new projects:
by Crabapple Hill
I always drool over this pattern whenever I see it!!
So, yes, my goals are big for July!  That's not to mention that I MUST clean and organize my sewing room a little, before I even attempt the next project.  But, I can do it.  I have plenty of time.  I'm hoping that this post will keep me focused.
What about you?  Any goals for July?  Blog about it and link up with Kathi for a chance to win two pretty fat quarters.  (I couldn't get the pic. of the fat quarters to load for me, but click here to go see them)


Design Originals by KC said...

Love your post...Love how you show what you have completed.. both very lovely projects to call done! Yay for finishing that binding too! And goals ahead... more binding?? lol And a new project to keep it fun too! Good luck on achieving your goals and Party for those you met already! Thanks for linking up! Kathi

Melody said...

Love your finishes and your plans.

sunny said...

It's good to have goals! I'm a list maker too, and like you, sometimes they work, sometimes not so much. Good luck in getting everyting finished.

Deb A said...

Great goals for the month. Yes, the computer does make time disappear =). Looking forward to seeing your URR quilt - I have that book and have not made it yet. Beautiful projects you get to start this month. Good luck with your goals.

Debbie J said...

These quilts, both finished and in progress, are awesome Penny! I am a list maker too. Will be looking for progress reports from you in July!

Sheila said...

Such beautiful quilts. I love the one for Abel (what a beautiful name), red, white, and blue, a great idea. The one you are making for you and your hubby is a special one too. I agree with you that the computer does steal our time away from us. I am going to try and "pull away" myself. My favorite thing to do in my found time is reading. I admire your talent for quilting and sewing. My daughter loves it too and she wants to "find some time" to do some projects too. Love you!!!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It is amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it...wishing you complete success!

Libbie Doyle said...

Now those will keep you busy!!!! You are ambitious! But I know from my mom how when it gets in your heart you can't stop it :). She made all by babies their quilts...the one on Annie's bed is her handi work...she is modest about it but every stitch is by hand. You ladies amaze me!!!!!

ancient one said...

The new project will be you and April. The bird for her and the sunflower for you. :)