Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Kameron's Quilt

My sweet niece is having a baby boy, due in September.  His Aunt Penpen just finished up his little quilt and hopes to get it mailed off to her tomorrow:

This is the second time I used this pattern (Eleanor Burns) and it is so simple, and I love the traditional look of the design.  I quilted it on the sewing machine, but one could do some pretty handquilted designs in each square.

I chose to try straight line quilting on this one.  I didn't even switch out to the quilting foot.  I ran this little quilt through the machine and I was pleased with the tension and how the threads looked on the back side. I usually have a difficult time getting the back tension correct when free motion quilting.

I remember reading somewhere that you should always stitch in the same direction... not stitch to one end and travel back to the other end.  I think I may have done just that with a few lines... see the ripples in the middle?

I like to personalize my quilts, but never 'love' my labels.  Next time, I may try to embroider on the quilt itself, before the quilting stitch is done. (this would probably look better with an embroidered border, too)  I save labels on pinterest and found the following label recently.... I may even try this one next time.

corner label from Fresh Off The Spool blog

Click link for tutorial
I hope sweet little Kameron enjoys playing on and sleeping under his quilt.


Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's working....way to go! Now you have to teach others who have that issue.....

ancient one said...

You did good. I love it!!

Debbie J said...

I love this quilt and the pattern. I think your label is perfect! Yes, you did good.

Sheila Allen said...

Beautiful Penny! Know Kameron will treasure it always!