Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring!  It  feels like spring may finally be arriving in our area of NC.  It's been a lo-o-o-ng winter.  

I made a bright yellow wreath to welcome spring... all done on the  cheap, of course. Dollar store flowers hot  glued to a grapevine wreath.  It shows up pretty from the road.  (I love using a hot glue gun...it brings out the inner child in me)

I put out my little Easter flag just a few days before Easter. I had forgotten that I had it; I bought it last year after the holiday from Pier One.  That's the best time to buy holiday items, as long as you don't forget them or forget where you put them. 

Remember the tool box from a few posts back?  I found plastic fruit on sale at Wal Mart today for $5 a bag. It took 3 bags to fill it, and I'm happy with it.  These fruits remind me of my grandma Butler; she had lots of faux fruit in her kitchen.  My favorites were the styrofoam ones that she covered in sequins.  Does anyone remember those?

And I found a cool 'new to me' toolbox at Goodwill today for $3.  This one is pretty large... it measures approx. two feet long.  I am going to paint it and fill with geraniums for my porch.  I just love  treasure hunts when I can find treasures.

Happy Spring to you!


Debbie J said...

Yes, winter has been long. Hope Spring isn't short! I'm ready for warmer days but not the hot ones.

Your wreath is pretty and I love that fruit in the box. Also love the big wooden box. That's a great deal you found. It will be so pretty with the geraniums in it!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

The basket of fruit turned out really well. I forgot about Walmart but do remember they had some very realistic ones to choose from. Glad to hear that Spring is arriving for you. Your wreath looks really pretty.

ancient one said...

I remember your grandmother's fruit... they sparkled. Love the tool boxes... Sping is still too cool for me... cold wind.. I'm ready for some red geraniums too.. but I'll wait just a little longer to purchase them...

ancient one said...

The house and store are at St. John... before you get to Dot Cannon's house..

Cindy said...

I do remember the sequinned fruit, you can still see it in Goodwill every so often.
Your fruit looks lovely in the tool box, I love seeing all of the tool boxes being used in decor.
Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting me again!