Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

It was fun!  Papa and Grandma went to High Point to help pass out candy.  We had to turn off the porch light about midway through the evening, as we ran out of candy!!  Note to self:  buy more next year, because it sure was fun passing out to all the trick or treaters!. 

Avery and Chandler
Here's our two little trick or treaters, all ready to go out into the cold, to collect candy from the neighbors!

Halloween 2012
This is the whole group that went out...Mommy, Daddy, Aunt April and the boys.  It was sooo cold!

Daddy brought Chandler back after a few stops because  it was so cold and windy.  Avery didn't think he wanted to go out at first, because he thought passing out candy was a lot of fun.  But when he came back with his bucket full of candy, he was glad he went.  I convinced him to go trick or treating, by telling him that Grandma needed a green piece of candy.  He came back by the house shortly after they started going door to door, so proud that he had Grandma's green candy!  (<3 p="p">
When they decided to stop going door to door,( as mommy had to go to work at Spooky Woods), Avery continued to help Grandma pass out candy.  He really enjoyed checking out the costumes of all the trick or treaters.  I remember him saying about one person "he's not nice, he has a scary mask".  His face lit up with delight when he yelled out "there's Spiderman".  The scariest mask we saw belonged to a teenager.  His mask had a built in 'blood pump'.  He reached behind his back and squeezed something and blood poured down his face.  Avery backed away and it was visibly clear that he didn't like that mask.  However, Avery was a trooper and had a great time!  (as did Grandma and Papa)  

Avery at Andy's

This is a picture from the night we went to see the bullriders.  I was excited for Avery to eat at Andy's because I thought he might enjoy having his food served in this car.  He really wasn't that hungry and enjoyed pretending that his chicken nuggets were mommy and daddy in the car.  :))

Avery feeds Grandma

I am having more and more fun with these boys. I love being a Grandma!


ancient one said...

I am so glad to see you and your boys having fun. I liked the outfit April had on. Not scarey a bit. luv ya!

Debbie J said...

You have two precious grandboys. Sounds like you guys had a great Halloween!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

They are adorable!