Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Avery!

Guess who turned two last week?  Aleady, our little Avery is a big boy! 
Yesterday was his birthday party and he loved his new bicycle!  He is wearing a fireman suit because his birthday party had a firetruck theme. 
His mommy had friends who happened to be on duty at the fire department, and  they drove the firetruck over for Avery and his friends to check out. 
He had lots of practice before his birthday and blew the candles out with no problem!
He hasn't quite figured out how to hold up two fingers on one hand, so he gave us two 'ones' to show us his age!
He's trying to get the 'two fingers' up here with Grandma, but his little fingers just won't do it, yet.
We had a wonderful time and we're still trying to figure out how to make the time s-l-o-w down a little .... for our baby is growing up way too fast!!! 

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