Friday, August 19, 2011

More Vintage Swap Blocks

A few more blocks from swaps listed in Quilt magazine, years ago!!  The swap information would be near the back of the magazine... the first place I would go each time I got a new magazine in the mail.

 If you click to enlarge the pictures, I think you can read the signatures.  It was so much fun receiving blocks from around the country.  That was a BIG DEAL.... before we had internet access.
 Who I am kidding?  It's still a big deal!  I love to receive snail mail.  I don't get much fun mail anymore, but it is always a treat to find something fun... like a new quilt catalog, my monthly devotional, an occasional card in the mailbox.  I will start participating in a  swap group next month.  We will be making one block a month ... 12 inch blocks like these pictured above.   I can hardly wait to start my first block.
The heart block above is one of my all time favorite blocks.  The person who made this one really doesn't live that far from me.  When I received these blocks, I never went anywhere... probably driving  30 miles was a long trip for me.  So Lumberton, NC seemed like a long long ways away.  Now our family spends so much time on the road, a trip to Lumberton would be nothing.  :o)

I hope you are enjoying seeing my 'treasures' with me.  These finds are on my list of 'things to do'.... maybe, just maybe, one day I'll get them put into a pretty quilt top.


ancient one said...

That would be an interesting quilt. Wonder if any of the people that made those blocks read your blog?

ancient one said...
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Debby@Just Breathe said...

I do enjoy seeing your treasures. What was the purpose behind this, were you supposed to make a quilt with all these squares?