Thursday, March 24, 2011

Still here

I'm still here... I've been busy spending time with this little guy! He is so smart and so much fun. He has been keeping grandma entertained 2-3 days a week. :o) I've been back to the doctor; my b/p is normal again. He says I may be able to go off the b/p medicine in six months. I'm looking forward to that! I saw the eye dr. this past week and he gave me one bifocal contact lense that makes me see a little better. I'm not nearly as depressed over my vision now. I love to sew and do needlework and it has been SO discouraging, not to be able to see the needle and thread! We've been working in the yard. The dogs are being good. Our preacher resigned. My daughter is coming home soon. My nerves still get the best of me some days. And I have learned that you are never too old to miss your mama! Have a great day!


ancient one said...

And I miss my youngun'!! We just want to be Okay.. (April's song) and we will be! So glad we can talk on the phone and message on facebook. Love you!!

Libbie said...

If I were spending time with that little guy I would be outside having fun too!!!

Hope your eye is doing better & that you are adjusting to your new glasses! THat could really be tough to have eye problems! Hope you are getting som esunshine today!

The Babysitters Love said...

You packed a lot into that little post! Glad you're "back" in blog world. And with all that you've had going on I'd say you've got the best of your emotions!!!

Debbie J said...

Penny, he is adorable! I love the picture of him sitting in the wagon on a quilt.

You sure were able to update us with a short post! I had been checking for posts, but missed this one until today.

Happy Birthday to April!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

How awesome to be watching him a few days a week. That is great news on your BP. I was just put on a second medication!