Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby H

Ashley, my beautiful daughter in law, invited me to go along with her and my son to view the ultrasound today. Baby H is official.... I saw it and heard its heartbeat. Daughter in law (mommy to be) is in the white and black blouse, standing next to her mother in blue.
Me and my son (who was just a baby himself a few weeks ago, it seems) watching the ultrasound.

Will and other granny watching the ultrasound.... so serious!

You can't see much, but our baby is on this screen! Seven weeks and one day! :o)

Two happy grannies to be! I'm going to be a GRANDMA!!!!


ancient one said...

Wonderful..... I zoomed in on the ultra sound pic.... I think Diane is pulling your leg about seeing the baby's face... I'M GOING TO BE A GREAT GRANDMA!!

Pen Pen said...

ha ha.... the baby is only 1/2 inch long... no face to see yet.

Debbie J. said...

You grandmas are so sweet! I kept a picture of the ultrasound on my wall at work for months! I couldn't tell much about it, but my dd could tell you where everything was. Congratulations again.

Kim said...

Happy birthday grannie! You certainly don't look like a grandma, but I know you'll cherish every minute of it.