Tuesday, June 2, 2009

First vegetables!

Okay, it's a stretch to say I have enough for a pan full of squash. Truthfully, I could have let them grow another day or two. But I couldn't resist picking these this morning. This will be just enough for two people. I'll be cooking for my daughter and myself tonight, so we will get to enjoy the first squash from the garden.
I always cook my squash the same way: use bacon grease in bottom of cast iron pan, slice squash and onion into pan, cover with a little water, cover with a lid and cook until soft (mushy and torn apart). Add water as needed but let the liquid cook out, browning some of the squash on the bottom of the pan. Of course, there is plenty of salt and pepper too.
When I was living in the mountains, one lady cooked hers the same way, but added cornmeal into her dish. The cornmeal cooked up all brown and crunchy with the squash. I tried it once, but mine didn't cook up like hers.
How do you cook your squash?


Debbie J. said...

Yum Penny! I slice mine lengthwise, flour them and fry on each side until slightly brown. I also cook them like you do sometimes. I know you will enjoy them!

ancient one said...

Shirley says she puts sliced potatoes in with hers...I would guess she doesn't put more water.. just whatever is still on them from washing... just pan browns them like pan fired potatoes..

Utah Grammie said...

Oh those are adorable! Mr. B cooks them up for e with onion, garlic, V-8 juice, water chestnuts, and red & green peppers, stewed tomatoes and green olives. Yum-OOOO!

Kim said...

They look yummy. I love squash. I love to just steam it with some greek seasoning and chow down.