Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Spring!

Happy Spring to you! This is a cute banner that I had planned to use on my front porch this year. Then the birds arrived and now nothing will be placed on the porch area for a while. (except for a sign to warn others that birds are nesting)
Okay, I've been working part time for two weeks now and loving it! However, I cannot figure out why my house is such a MESS! I have yet to work inside at decluttering and cleaning. I did work outside yesterday to clean out the back flower beds. The dogs enjoyed their new "playpen" and I did get a lot done.
Are you planting a garden this year? With the economy, I think a lot of people are planning to grow their own vegetables this year. I had planned to grow a few things in pots, but my neighbor and son decided otherwise, for me. We now have a rather large garden spot plowed up and ready to go. It's been years since I've had a garden and I really don't have that much experience, so this will be a trial and error experience for me again. (remember the corn and the Mennonites, Mama?)
It's supposed to rain for a few days, starting tomorrow. I hope I can get a lot of inside work done then. I really have been busy; it's just that no one can tell. :o)


Debbie J. said...

Time goes by so fast when you are not at work, doesn't it?!!!!

Once you get rained in this week, I bet you will see some results of your decluttering.

Good luck with the garden. I bet it will turn out great!

Debbie J.

ancient one said...

Yes, the corn story I will remember forever and probably tell it a hundred times... priceless..

You need to come back and read my response to your comment on my blog...

Ma and I rode those babes all over Gville today. I remembered to lock the car so no one could get them...

I can't wait for Wife Swap. Your older brother said he was planning his Friday night around that show. PB, your cousin said she's been seeing the ads already on ABC. I haven't seen them yet. Have you?

Utah Grammie said...

So..whats the deal with Wife Swap? Is someone you know going to be on it?? Do tell :-)

Love the spring banner - and for a garden..we have a great neighbor who doesn't work outside the home who is very willing to share - YAY!
Enjoy your part-time. I'm glad this worked out for you!