Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day

What did I do today? I was at our apartment, with not a whole lot to do today. So, I watched tv, read a little from a quilting book, did laundry, read blogs, and played with my dog babies all day. Husband had to work today and it was a very quiet day. We played ball over and over again. My dogs never get tired of chasing their balls. They are both very good retrievers and I usually get tired before they do. Sweet Pea got into a mess, as usual. She is my DESTRUCTIVE dog. She has torn up every toy we've ever bought for her, except for her Nylabone toys, which she really doesn't seem to enjoy that much. This toy was a little stuffed dog when I bought it. She enjoyed taking the stuffing out, piece by piece, which kept her entertained for a long time! Once she was exhausted from all her destruction work, we took naps. We got a really good nap today!
And little Butterbean, as usual, was sweet, sweet, sweet! He is such a loyal little boy, who really seems to love his "mommy". He is never far away from me when I'm home. And I mean "never". When I'm bathing, he lies beside the shower. When I' m putting away laundry, he follows me back and forth as we do our chore. When I go "potty", he is right beside me. If I'm working in the kitchen, he lies near the kitchen door, with his eyes watching every move I make. When I rest, he rests! I know why lonesome people love their dogs. They are great company! I hope you all had a nice day today too!


ancient one said...

And I'm sure you loved them a little extra yesterday for leaving them so long on Sunday. Good thing they didn't go to the family reunion. The host met some family members at the door and told them the dogs would have to stay outside.

I'm sure you loved your quite, quite day. I love days like that sometimes.

I cooked hamburgers. Your dad had planned to grill them, but you know how that goes sometime. People in the yard and I was hungry...LOL

Also got strawberries from 903. The man said they'd be gone by the end of this week.

Kim said...

What cutie pie furbabies you have! As much as I complain about my furbaby, she too is great company and a follower. She went swimming yesterday in the pool for the first time. She was such fun to watch. Glad you had a relaxing memorial day.

Utah Grammie said...

Braton is the very same with his stuffed toys! He tears them and Mr. B's mom repairs them only to have Braxie look at her like she's nuts!
Lulu could care less until Braxton shows an interest - then she's all over whatever Braxie has - such a brat!
Aren't we lucky to have such joy in our lives??
Braxton & Lulu say hello to Butterbean and SweetPea!

Chocolate Cat said...

I can't believe Sweet Pea is destructive. She looks so innocent and is so cute. What a gorgeous pair of companions you have.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sweet Pea,
Oh how I love to rip the insides out of my toys. It looks like snow in the house when I get done.LOL I bet if your mommy is like mine she isn't amused by it.LOL
Hi Butter Bean You love comforty.
Miss Candi