Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sweet Pea

I borrowed this picture from a "pumpkin lady's" website, but just love the little dachshund she carved. Our newest family addition is a little dachshund named Sweet Pea and she is such a baby girl! She sleeps with me every night and cries if she is not in my lap most of the day. Yes, it gets annoying, but she is our precious baby.
We also have a shih tzu puppy named "Butterbean." He isn't as loving as his little sister is right now, but he is coming around. Last night he jumped in the bed with us to sleep for the first time ever. So there we were.... me, my husband, and two dogs in a queen size bed. We both agreed this morning that we need to upgrade to a king size bed soon.
Now, my mom thinks I'm crazy to have gone dog crazy all of a sudden. I have always been a lot like her in that I did not want any animals in the house. My 20 year old daughter has always loved dogs and has wanted one inside the house forever. We had tried with a couple of dogs through the years, but it never worked out. I can't believe my daughter has talked me into having TWO dogs now.
**Either I'm getting soft in my old age or I am absolutely losing my mind, for I do love my new dog babies!**


smilnsigh said...

They make you happy! That's all that counts!

And I just read a comment of yours, in Ann's blog. About a potato casserole recipe your friend calls 'Funeral Potatoes.' 'Cause it's what she brings when asked to cook. Could it be that she remembers how people used to do that?

Please ask her if she remembers how the first thing women did, once upon a time, when hearing of a death in the village... Was to make something like a casserole and take it around to the back door of the house, of the surviving family members.

Why? Because in those days, the wake was held at home. Or in my case, at the home which had a Front Room, which our family home did. And so, my Mother had all the relative waked there. Casket and flowers in the Front Room. Lots and lots of food, brought by friend /neighbors in the kitchen.

After people showed their respects to the deceased, in the Front Room... they moved back in the house and had something to eat and drink and it was.. well, almost like what you hear of as an Irish Wake. {We were Irish so....}

It was not simply a sad gathering. It was a gathering, in itself. And I remember many. Deaths and wakes brought scattered family together.

Sorry to have made you go "Eeeeuuuu". -grin-


Debbie J. said...

I think that is sweet to have puppies now that your kids are growing up. Might lessen that empty nest syndrome. We have a very old sheltie that Lori had when she was 12.

ancient one said...

I love smilnsigh's answer!!

I was going to say, yep, you and your hubby have lost it!! LOL I must say that I thought both dogs would have been gone by now. I know how you hated those red clay footprints on your storm door before. LOL

JoAnna said...

Pets are meant to be spoiled, and there is nothing better on a cold winter day then having a few fur babies on your bed.

It's a good thing your pups are little!

T*mmy said...

Cute names!!

My son brought a cat home last Christmas and just up and got married about a month ago and left the cat here because his new wife is allergic...well so am I, having been through 3 different allergy meds now...I'm trying to find him another home...sigh...

That is a cute carving, I never understood how people did that.

yellowfarmhouse said...

Oh Penny - that pumpkin is just to dang cute. You know I can relate to your love of dogs. Our little Cami sleeps with us everynight, under the covers, smack against my leg. We did upgrade to a king size bed, makes everyone happier. It's funny because I can't sleep if she's not touching my legs. Now that's sad, well maybe not :)

Anonymous said...

I am glad you finally see things my way...lol With having puppies in the house!!!! Love you!